Day 1 Of The Rest Of My Life*

Okay so its 9:50am and my stomach is churning. I drank a little bit last night in hopes the pats would of played a little bit better, and as a last “HOORAH!” to my bikini transformation (; So Im pretty excited for the first day to the rest of my life. I don’t know how people do it.. “being fat”, “having fat”, “feeling fat”, its disgusting. Especially putting on weight and not being use to it there is not fun.. I don’t use a scale so I don’t know how much weight I put on (which is fine but it makes me NEVER want to be “off season” ever again).. my cheat meals will now consist of healthy cheats instead of full fat ones. I decided I cant handle the sugar.. it gets me every time. no joke. So I will post the recipes either when I make them or if I find a good one on pinterest or something. I have also been stalking a GREAT blog (mostly because she is gorgeous in shape has access to expensive clothing and has a great style.  I’m also interested in using one of her bikinis for my NPC show.. ) Here is what she had to say and I agree:

“When your used to being in a certain shape, or know that you have looked better before, no matter how “good” you look, it’s still not good enough. I know what I’m capable of looking like an what kind of shape I can be in. You are your worst critic- and I’m ready to put in the effort and get back to the place where I feel my best.. or even better. Id also like to compete again- but I travel so much it has been hard to set a show date. Maybe later this year :)” -Jennifer Stano

I completely, 100% agree. My clothes don’t fit right, I don’t feel sexy. && we all know I love feeling sexy.. anyways..

\/  \/ **BIG NEWS ** \/  \/


It’s been a pain in the ass and I’ve been putting it aside forever, but I preach healthy and fitness and yet I smoke? Only those closest to me know I smoke.. Idk.. I actually enjoyed. I at one point sometimes in between lifting and cardio, I went and had a cig. Idk what it was about or why I did it but I liked it.. but I am also ashamed of it.. so why do something youre ashamed about? So I resolved the issue, and cut cold turkey. 30 days TODAY not one cigarette smoked (=

Anyways @ work,  drinking tea (earl grey w/ lemon juice) till 3pm. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST. I needed to take a pill on an empty stomach. Usually I would of had a protein shake. Its one scoop MYOFUSION. Myofusion is my FAVE protein powder. You could find a protein with a lil less cals per scoop (myo= about 150 per one scoop, which IDC about calories) but myofusion tastes amazing. The chocolate flavor is very versatile (for cooking) but tastes great as a protein shake.  I just need to remind myself to get vanilla casein, I hear it makes a cakier brownie and I could use the slow release protein for before bed.

Proper add ins for a protein shake: berries, fruit, powder pb (google PB2- less cals and PERFECT for protein shakes and baking), flaxseed, added fiber. I believe my shake comes out to 200 to 250 calories, 25-30g protein, 5-30g carb (30g would be if i added 1/2c-1c oatmeal and fruit), and fat is usually low in a shake.

2 TBS = 45 cals 1g fat = AMAZING

I think you can find PB2 @ target, so I was told, but I buy it off because you can get free shipping and a discount when you buy two. It also comes in a larger bag for baking.

This would suffice as a great morning breakfast if youre on the go like I am.. If not and you get to relax.. cook eggs (2 full eggs 2 egg whites) with some turkey sausage or have a piece of WHOLE WHEAT (first ingredient HAS to be WW for it to actually be WW)..Do NOT worry about calories this week. The calories you are going to be eating are CLEAN calories.. if you overate your protein.. whoop dee doo. Yes its calories in vs calories out, so we will make up for calories tonight when we lift back tonight (: For cardio we will do 30 min every OTHER day NO TREADMILL/ ONLY STAIRMASTER (I decided that last contest I lost my ass.  Its the one thing you NEED on stage, and one of my strengths off season so Ill try and keep it this time), but 45:45:45 planks 3x everyday <— SERIOUSLY! EVERY DAMN DAY JUST DO IT!! lol but honestly. you’ll thank me later.

*Pic 1 is (one) of the sides, turn over do the other side, and Pic 2 is front position. F/S/S but this week the times are the same (45 seconds). If you fail just get back up and hold til a total of :45, then repeat each side 3x

1:45pm After LOADS of green tea I’m having my first meal, by this time on a regular day, this would be my 3rd meal (just a lil fyi ) It’s going to be 6-7oz of steak with some veggies.. when it comes down to eating.. when you are hungry VEG out on VEGGIES!!! you will NOT feel discouraged or guilty. Today I wasn’t very hungry, probably because I knew I was going to be starving regardless, so I didn’t even care to snack. But hmmm what happens when I am hungry should you ask? I drink water. Then I drink some more water (of course mine has MIO in it lol) but if I’m STILL HUNGRY????????! I eat. duh.. dont be scared to eat.  FOOD IS NOT THE DEVIL!!* We know whats good for us, we just either pretend were naive or we just dont care// and most of the time is its “we don’t care”.. just ask the boys at my shop lol.. anyways you just have to eat the right food at the right time.. yes there is the “right time”.. but since I know what to do.. I don’t think I really wanna confuse anyone.. but to keep it simple keep fruits and carbs in the A.M HOURS ONLY!!!! Unless you decide to put a 1/2 banana in a protein shake after a leg workout or a plyometrics day or your work outs are late at night. Try and have a protein at EVERY meal well discuss fats later.

6pm Eating what would be my 4th meal of the day. I choose a shake just because an hour later I’m going to the gym and I don’t wanna feel weighed down by anything..  But eat whatever you feel nec. protein with a carb is fine or you can save it for after.. (eat your carbs the way if you follow what I do day to day, in about 2 months you wont have any carbs so…eat them lol)

I’ll be going to the gym at about 7 or 730pm.. Today is ARM day, which is NOT one of my faves lol..but I will be taking NINJAAAAAAAA. Everyone check it out, a great new supplement (pre workout) that doesn’t have any bullshit in it.. you can find it at explain more in tomorrows entry).

Below is a “mock” workout that I would do on Arm Day.. I don’t like Bi’s and Tri’s because they are my weakest and that makes me sad LOL..

V-Grip Cable Pushdowns

Since my first biceps exercise is a cable movement, I also like to make my first triceps exercise a cable movement. I like to use a close grip V-bar and keep my elbows in tight. These hit all three heads of the triceps nicely, especially the otter head.

Single Arm Preacher Curls

After doing the incline dumbbell curls I move onto more of an isolation exercise. Personally I am more of a dumbbell fan for biceps due to the fact that they allow a greater degree of isolation than a barbell, I also feel barbell movements are stressful on your wrists. These should be preformed on the angled side of the bench, with a slow and controlled motion and emphasis on the peak contraction.

Standing Alternate Hammer Curls

The biceps are a small muscle, which do not require many exercises to stimulate them properly. Hammer curls are a neglected exercise, but are very effective for adding width and size to the biceps and forearms. When performing alternate hammer curls, the dumbbell should be raised to 90 degrees, while slightly brining it across your chest. By performing the exercise in this manner you will be able to stimulate the desired muscle groups more effectively.

Bench Dips

The bench dip is a classic old school exercise that is never seen preformed anymore. This exercise is an excellent mass builder when weight is added to your lap to keep your reps in the lower range. By performing this exercise you will be able to effectively stimulate all three heads of the triceps.

After the gym around 9 or 930pm when I get home I’ll have another shake, again if you prefer your whole foods that’s fine but I actually enjoy protein shakes and am usually too tired to make anything else.

Protein Shake and tomorrows meals

Forget the wardens products, I’m NOT happy.. Pictured here is the chocolate syrup and the caramel syrup. The chocolate syrup is okay, but I don’t use c. syrup enough to miss it and the caramel I just tried in the shake so I don’t know what it tastes like on its own.. I have also tried wardens bbq sauce and the alfredo sauce and they both taste disgusting. The alfredo one only taste good if you add a shit ton of salt (I’m a huge fan of salt and still couldn’t make this much better).. so save your money and your calories and just use condiments moderately. I do use my fair share of ketchup and bbq.. I figure Ill push it a little harder/longer in the gym. However like I said before, the closer the date gets the less I’ll be able to have “free reign” like this (:

Anyways that is that for now. Tomorrow Ill be posting about my supplements and the products I use. I will also be posting Jamie Easons Turkey Meatballs- which are GREAT! Get some sleep. Day 1 has been successful ❤

*actually to some it is :/ another story for a rainy day ❤


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