Day 2 Commit 2 Fit

It’s 9:44 am I’m currently eating a small orange because the boys are eating fritos and I can literally smell them (probably from quitting smoking ya know 🙂 anyways I had my morning protein shake at around 8-8:15am. 1 scoop myofusion 2 cups water a scoop of each fiber and flaxseed a 1/2 strawberries and 2 ice cube.

It’s about 2pm, but at around 100pm I had to go to the bank for a deposit, so I thought it would be a good idea to go to Whole Foods on my way back. Whole Foods, is an organic eaters haven, but be careful not to be on a budget. This is where I get my arctic zero protein icecream (that Ill post later).  so I went to there deli area and they had NO BLACKENED CHICKEN BREASTS!!!!!! ugh.. thats like the only reason I go, and spend like $20 on 4 pieces of chicken. So I decided to get 1 garlic rosemary breast, 2 peanut stir fry skewers and flank steak.. Spent about $20 but this will last me like a day or so. I like Whole Foods, they have all their ingredients listed so I can make sure there isn’t any secret fat hiding.

Don’t mind my nails, popped off and it hurts SO bad.. I ate the 2 skewers and 2 pieces of the flank steak. I was starving. I then got back to work and munched on red peppers and some guac my mom packed for me =D I usually don’t snack outside my meals (bc I SHOULD know better) but my mom packed me the celery and pb and some peppers and homemade guac. Which are PERFECT snacking ideas. Careful on your portions of each pb and guar because they are both fats. ANy who! I love her. She is a great women. I think on her birthday in a couple months Ill dedicate a page to her since she really does mean that much. Not to mention she left this on my TV this morning ❤

To one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Its going to be a great day! You are so loved!! xxxxoooo

Who wouldn’t love to wake up to that!?  Ok so at about 5pm (or maybe Ill wait till 6 when I get home and just continue to snack). I will make a shake.. myofusion and maybe some pb2 before I head to the gym. Im also gonna take ninja again because Ill be hitting shoulders today and I LOVE SHOULDERS. Main workouts include military press/shoulder press, lateral/front raises. In between I usually do a plyo excercise to keep my heart rate up and having an “active rest”. Which is usually squat to a shoulder press/ high knees/ single leg squats/ jump squats/lunges. Anything really that is explosive and you can do in place is great. Youll be sweating even before you start cardio (; (I also normally do chest with shoulders, but I will write the work out in Sundays Recap Blog).

Please just dont do the behind the neck lat pulldown (most of you wont do it right and youll hurt yourself).

Everyone needs to train their shoulders.

Strong shoulders help with every other exercise from bench press to pull ups, and for all you boxers and MMA guys, well conditioned shoulders will help you to win a fight. It is also very important to have a strong shoulder girdle, including the rotator cuff area, to prevent injuries from sports and heavy lifting.

  • Standing Overhead Press / Military Press Starting with the weight resting on your upper chest and shoulders, press the bar up in front of your face, extending the elbows just short of lockout. Return the weight under control to your upper chest to complete the rep.
  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press lift one dumbbell straight up while resting the other on the opposite shoulder. As you return the first dumbbell to your shoulder, the second dumbbell should already be moving. There should not be any rest between reps
  • Upright Barbell Rowsbring the bar straight up alongside the front of your body, bending only the elbows. Your elbows should end up point straight out to either side and the bar should end up just under chin-level.
  • Lateral Raises Raise upper arms to sides until elbows are shoulder height. Maintain elbows’ height above or equal to wrists. Lower and repeat.
Your shoulders can abduct 150 degrees, flex forward 180 degrees, extend 45 degrees, rotate externally 90 degrees, and rotate internally 90 degrees. That is a pretty significant ROM, but also opens you up to a huge potential for injury.

After the gym which is usually around 9-9:30pm (45 min of weight training 30-45 min cardio). This will be during the first MONTH of training. Hopefully by month 2 I wont have to add in too much more cardio, however I WILL need to do it in the AM before I eat anything. SO that will be fun, always is waking up quarter to 5. But we have a long ways before that.. So I was creeping my girl again @jenniferstano and I think I decided on her bikinis for my competition. I really want to go white this year and i LOVE the gold on the sides.. I have one more bathing suit I am interested in but I cant find who makes it.. But I’ll post both of them here. Both are SUPER gorgeous and will look great on crazy tanned skin & both I can wear after the show, unlike my first bikini that is showed in my about me.


Have Faith suit

Now that I posted both of them I notice its Jennifer lol in both pics.. well alrighty then.. maybe I can get her to make another one of the peach (left) and Ill purchase both of them. These two cost just as much as my ONE suit from and they are WAY better.

So I mentioned that today I’ll post about my supplements where I get them how much my opinion ext, but i’m going to on a new post just so its easier to pinpoint. Anyways Ill be heading to bed after a study a little for class tomorrow. I finished my workout (SHOULDERS) and made yet another shake (yes I don’t mind shakes, I usually have 3 whole meals 3 liquid ones) it had chocolate myofusion and some pb, just like the one prior to it. Ill take 2 glutamine pills that aid in recovery before I head to bed. This is where I would usually have a casein shake but I spend $50 on a 5lb of myo and ANOTHER $50 on a protein from Canada. Its ok but its like a 2lb well not worth the price. Will also post this on another blog. The reason I would use casein instead is because its a SLOWER digesting p. powder. Some of you have listened to the little birdie who says don’t eat past 7pm, but please don’t do that.. please EAT, especially if you go to bed later then 930. Have some cottage cheese or some almonds.. your body just doesn’t stop working when you start sleeping lol.


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