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Supplement companies are just like every other money making company out there. I will be careful WHEN I get signed (lol gotta stay positive right?) that I pick a credited company. One that believes in fitness and being healthy. Yes There are MANY things I need to change in my current lifestyle but I’m working on it. I don’t know of anyone that could kick every bad habit at once successfully. I am proud of myself for quitting smoking. I would like to stop drinking soda ALTOGETHER.. :(:( (mcdonalds diet coke is awesome, AND A LARGE IS ON THE DOLLAR MENU$$!!). No business in it for $$$ over health and wellness will get me to stand behind them. Anyways I can find most of my supplements at my ol gym (Xsport Fitness) but now I will either buy online or the GNC down the street. I’m sticking with MYOFUSION (for now), as my protein. I stick with chocolate, but I need to scoop up a vanilla one so I can try new recipes with them. I don’t like myofusions vanilla so I’ll probably get a OPTIMUM NUTRITION vanilla casein.


LOL. as you can see I really like my myofusion. I have tried probably every protein out there and this is by far my fave. The last protein I mentioned before came in with my NINJA.. The WHEY GOURMET came in strawberry banana. I only had like 4 choices to choose from and none of them I wanted to try. But it had only 120 cals and supposedly voted The Best Protein, but I beg to differ. I add real straw and bananas too but still didn’t taste that great. && that small container cost $50, the same price as one of the jugs of myofusion pictured above. So next to the Whey Gourmet, is the NINJA- You can type in mm1 for a discount. It is a pre workout. NO BULLSHIT. Gives you energy within seconds, with no crash later. The ingredients are minimal* for a pre workout drink or supplement and doesn’t taste that bad either.

Another pre workout that most people don’t use because they do use a lot of crap in them, but this is the best pre workout.. besides ninja obviously. I have tried MANY pre workouts SuperPump NO explode 1MR ext and I REALLLLLY really loved Jack3d

I took this pic to show off my new shoes too btw.. LOL.. They suck but they are so fucking cute..  Anyways talking about PRE WORKOUTS. You can use them you can choose not to use them. You don’t NEED to.. I still go to the gym without a pre workout and still get a kick ass workout. I remember there was a time where I couldn’t work out unless I drank something to raise my heart rate a bit.. But then I also plateaued on them as well… If you do decide to use them, which I figure is mind over matter now, remember you will have to kick the habit if you are doing a show or trying to lose water weight when you get close to show time. Creatine is the cause of that and will cause bloating so just an fyi if you start holding a little bit of water. Pictured below is another protein I tried after a client went to GNC and actually got the help of the worker. I was a little hesitant because most people like proteins that TASTE good.. but thats bc they have added sugar and way more carbs then nec.


  • Mixes Instantly
  • 23 Grams of Protein Per Packet
  • Aspartame FREE
  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero Carbs
  • Zero Fat
  • Promina Whey Isolate
  • Delicious Gourmet Sweet Flavors
  • Sweetened With Sucralose

Variety Pack includes the following 13 flavors: Chocolate Truffle, Vanilla Bean Torte, Roadside Lemonade, Lemon Tea, Apple Ecstasy, Latte Cappuccino, Caribbean Cooler, Crystal Sky, Fuzzy Navel, Strawberry Kiwi, Twisted Cherry, Strawberry Mousse and Pink Grapefruit.


I buy FLAXSEED and FIBER from Jewel

I also have Stevia (in the bag easier for baking) About Time protein Mrs Dash for sodium free seasoning and 100 cal packs of cocoa roasted almonds. TO DIE FOR! and completely nec. to put in 100cal packs). Amino Acid powder drink, and target brand zero calorie drink flavors <– makes drinking 1 gal and 1.2 of water ALOT easier 😉 and lastly Olive Oil cooking spray.

About Time protein. I found on somones Facebook actually. I was getting into trying new proteins and if you can find one that tastes great AND has zero carbs, keep hold of that one. Unfortunately I didn’t find any of these flavors really worth it. Granted YES I would drink it if it was the only thing available but I don’t think Id purchase it out of the blue. Unless she did have a good deal on it like last year, was buy one get one free. But a HUGE reason I bought this protein besides being zero carbs and sugar was it came in ON THE GO bottles, which is a FANTASTIC idea. Price was just about the same as my myofusion.

My shoes are NIKE PUMA (and that one pair of adidas lol)

My workout clothes are random tshirt companies, nike puma and LULULEMON (WHICH IS MY ABS. FAVE!!) This sweatshirt which is an awesome company #liftbigeatbig

Below are two products I use to help me thru the day when I get hungry. The first picture is Arctic Ice. Comes in a few flavors. I have tried the strawberry cookies and cream and chocolate. The chocolate is by far the best then strawberry then c&c I hear the coffee one is good and so is the pumpkin and mint c&c but I get mine at Whole Foods and they only carry those flavors. You can buy it online but I think you have to buy them in bulk?? I’m not sure but they are like 4-5$ per pint.

150 CALORIES AN ENTIRE PINT!!!!! Cant beat that!! and I think it has like 25 grams of protein? Don’t quote me on that though..

The second picture is my favorite nuts! The cocoa roasted ones are good and so are the dry roasted but the cinnamon ones are EVEN better. I believe that other companies are doing the flavored notes but they get very high in the calorie department so try and stick with these, and if you can try and get the 100 cal packs. They are hard to put down so the portion control is perfect. They are like $6 a “can” or you can try an find them on sale for 2 for $8. The 100 cal packs I find are only at Target.

So thats a QUICK trip about the products I use. If I find anything else that I may have missed Ill add it in later.. Its late and I feel like its even later.. On a lighter note this blogging has really made me realize and focus on my eating habits which is a great feeling to finally feel like I have control. Im going to leave tonight with a “quote” or a “passage” from a blog that has inspired me to write and truly understand things about myself. Enjoy your night kids (: Feel Free to ask any questions. Hope you guys are staying true ❤

Father God, please help me find balance. Help me to maintain overall healthy eating patterns without completely depriving myself or being able to ever enjoy the foods you’ve designed me to love. I know that you’ve given us diverse foods to enjoy; please help me to enjoy them in moderation and realize that I can do that without being either dieting or not dieting. It’s just food. I need food to survive. I’m blessed to live in one of the richest nations in the world where I should be so lucky as to struggle with having too much food and too many choices at my disposal. Help me to enjoy and fuel myself in a healthy way. I pray all these things in your precious Son’s name, Jesus.

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