6am woke up (boots jacket and all) sitting up right on the couch, in my clothes that I am still wearing.  (3 hours sleep MAX)

645am sitting in drivers seat head on steering wheel eyes close. Kami is freaking out, her wallet is lost.

7am finally decided she was s.o.l and we were off on our way.

7:01am “chicago hit” someone backing out.. nbd, on our way.

7:10am kami needs water, McDonald’s it is. Officially on the road after the small pit stop.

7-10am driving. yelling. swearing. heat on. heat off. window up. window down. some more swearing. speeding. yelling.

The drive wasn’t so bad but we were probably still drunk, kami is freaking out about her wallet and the fact that I DRUNK BUTT DIALED HER DAD! lol but she was literally on the phone with PNC or VISA for the ENTIRE car ride and actually kept her composure which I would of LOST it. These guys were idiots. Anyways..  I got to work an hour late. Head was spinning and stomach was growling and all while sitting in traffic im trying NOT to puke.

so its 12:28pm I haven’t had anything to eat. I’m drinking tea. I’m off today (gym wise) because I have class. I HAVE A 3 HOUR CLASS AFTER ALL THIS?!?!? omg.


  • $120 speeding ticket.
  • a $15 jack and diet coke.
  • Cal didn’t sing his good songs (but I just found out that he did.. and kami and I were singing along just drunk).
  • Police showed up at house.
  • Kami broke her $700 glasses.
  • Bed @ 3am up @ 6am. Drunk.
  • Woke up fully dressed upright on a couch.
  • Kami lost her wallet.
  • I backed into a car.
  • Drove for 3 hours, only an hour late for work.


So nothing really excited happened between Lunch and 5pm.. But I did make a trip to Whole Foods.. to FINALLY EAT SOMETHING.. um and what the F U C K. I spent $125. Yeah.. and all I wanted was my blackened chicken breasts…

Whole Foods purchase.

Starting from Top Row (left to right) Follow here:

  • Coconut Oil (I’ve been meaning to get this.. and finally I just did).
  • Whey protein powder (I needed vanilla for baking. I dk how it’ll turn out but it wasn’t cheap).
  • Kale chips ($5 lol. They aren’t bad).
  • Superblend (maca, hemp and cacao. Individually they were $23ish per package, so I win. It has all 3 lol).
  • Cacao Bliss (have tried the coconut butter, wanted to test this one).
  • LARA BARS (OMG IM IN LOVE. Coconut CREAM pie, chocolate coconut chew, and apple bar. My love has grown mostly because of Kami. Though she hates them, I actually enjoy them. However I only tried the chocolate chip cookie dough mmmmmm Straight up in love).
  • Alive! (Has a SHIT ton of veggies and nutrients inside, just a simple powder I’m going to add to my green smoothies ).

So I’m actually pretty happy with my purchase. I also got lunch and my chicken breasts just not pictured.

6pm Psych class. Got into an argument with a chick that has a thicker accent that makes everything hard to understand. Someone brought up Whitney Houston and she followed with some smart ass remark and end up saying “..nothing but a piece of shit.” I originally bit my tongue and I saw this nice guy on my left do the same. Well she happened to say it again and I chipped in right away. I pretty much was like how dare you fucking talk about someone like that.. I mean she died.. she was someones family blahblahblah and she’s like “see, why are you coming at me like this?” and “be nicer, respectful.” HOLY HELL. As soon as she even mentioned the word respect, I flipped. I just stopped talking and was just taken aback but the whole thing. She actually ended up caving 25 min into class… I wonder if shell be there next week.. But I had 1/2 of a lara bar before class.

7pm I had a chicken breast.. Sitting in class…… eating a chicken breast with my hands.

You like that shit?

OH and apparently middle children are the best lovers/companions (wife, husband ext). And the most mentally stable. SUCK ON IT BITCHES!. lol just kidding.. Hmmmmm I forget what I’m doing in the gym tomorrow.. legs???? arms??????

Yup 11:27pm and I had the other 1/2 of the Lara Bar.. I’m hooked. Made with dates cashews and whatever else they throw in there but thats it.. and I found another blog I’m super excited about. Will make something else so I can post a recipe, but I was off today at the gym (which is obv why lol)

* I am doing VERY well on my no longer eating sugar kick (thanks for asking).

* Will weigh, and progress pictures this week.

* Oh and I just sneezed and I forgot to mention that my abs/ ribs hurt from doing planks yesterday am. SCORE!

Goodnight ❤

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4 thoughts on “Day 10 HUNG (RY) OVER

  1. April says:

    I wish I could buy snack foods in bulk! How have you fought off binging?

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Honestly.. when i binge it was cakes cookies chocolate anything HIGH FAT HIGH SUGAR..but now i cut out ALL sugar (besides fruit) and I don’t have any cravings. I saw what it was doing to my body and I felt horrible.. My excuse the first week of the 2 week binge was because I quit smoking. So.. i “allowed” myself to eat whatever the fuck I want because I was going to start dieting for a competition so why not? I wanted to kick the habit.. well I did… and I ate whatever I wanted… Its been 7 weeks and I cut cold turkey haven’t touched one since.. but my binge lasted for 2 weeks. my LONGEST binge ever (if I wanted it I got it.. ANYTHING).. I just figured what the hell I know how hard Im going to have to work it all off.. and that validated it for awhile.. then it got to a point where my fat clothes were tight.. After it hit 1 month of no smoking I stopped all processed foods.. I use substitute sugar so I guess Im cheating, but I do not have any cravings and if I do I have fruit… yes sometimes in the day its not good for you..but id rather burn off an orange then a king size twix bar (my favorite).. Sorry this was so long 😦

      • April says:

        7 weeks…if I could do that, I’d be so happy! I can’t even seem to have sugar from fruits because if I binge on fruit, I’d go dig in my roommate’s pantry shelf or something and get something unhealthy there. -_- It’s pathetic.

        It looks like you have it under control though 🙂 You’re going to be my motivation!! Oh and have you tried Stevia? It’s a natural sugar substitute that’s about 300x sweeter than normal sugar, so you can use less for the same amount of sweetness. And it apparently doesn’t raise your blood sugar level, too.

        I tried to eat it plain once, though, and there was a bit of an unpleasant aftertaste BUT if you mix it in a drink or just mix it into anything, you don’t really taste it.

      • ohshititsmar says:

        Yeah I have it in a huge bag because I bake with it.. I do believe it may be one of the only brand that doesn’t raise your GI levels.. but yeah it def has a different taste to it but hell beggars can’t be choosers and I sure as fuck don’t want those calories lol.. but its weird.. if I ever “binged” on fruit I would just think I ate too much, its the high calorie foods that make me ashamed about it :/

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