Day 9 Happy Valentines Day <3

Happy Valentines Day

Okay. So yes, I am technically writing this on day 10 because I got COMPLETELY side tracked yesterday.. and my diet was COMPLETELY thrown off too 😦

I had the day off so I got up at 8am, laid in bed till 9.  I just made eggs before the gym (not to get weighed down…. and I was really lazy).

Got to the gym at 10am.. BACK DAY.. no cardio 😦 I had no time.. I actually was thinking about just NOT even going and realized I NEEEEEEEEEED it. ALL of it.

Took Marley out and made a green smoothie. Added a shit ton of blueberries because I can tell they are going bad. Sipped on that for about an hour while I got ready. I had to leave at 12pm to go pick Kami up in the city.  So I ate a scoop of PB on my weigh out the door and realized I had no food to take with me 😦 (always harder to eat OUT but still possible).

Got to Kamis at 115ish, here is her layout and I was FUCKING JEALOUS, (and pissed her off a bit with my “must be nice” quote)… but it was all in good fun, didn’t mean any harm. However she had a really cool set up and felt very grown up “y” lol. She was all cute and got excited to tell me shes eating healthy and we ate chicken and corn. I had a HUGE craving for corn lol, idk. Anywho we left at 230pm and we will continue with a picture LOL

Yeah……….. $120 later.  I was only going 80 which is ACTUALLY pretty slow for me.. and he wrote on the ticket “admitted going 80” LMAO. whatthefuck?! and it was valentines day.. 😦 So Kami and I switched, and she started driving the rest of the way.  and we get to his house at 4ish I wanna say? We didnt stay long Kami was hungry and Calvin was in a bad mood. So we went to Potbelly’s and I WAS SO HUNGRY!

Got vegetable soup and a pickle lol. It was better then nothing. However that’s all I ate for the rest of the day and I did in fact drink. No sugar drinks just vodka rum and tonic water lol UMMMMMMMM

7pm got to concert. Calvin and Kami didn’t think we should leave early because there wouldnt be a line.. well.. LOL and yes I HAD TO TAKE A PIC TO SAY “I TOLD YOU SO” mmmmmhmmmmm.. SO I remember entering the concert chilling drinking whatever.. Timeflies comes on.. sings all that fun stuff and we leave obviously after it was over (do NOT REMEMBER LEAVING VENUE) and so later Kami and I bitched about how the day couldn’t of gotten worse (we bitched ALOT during that car ride home lol) and we were like and Cal didn’t even play the songs we wanted him to sing.. and earlier today I watched videos of Cal singing his songs.. our songs.. and we were trying to sing along.. lol….. um. yep!

1am-3am Alright so we get to Calvins somehow.. and all I remember is walking up to the front door and a man was blocking the door with his foot. Apparently I “put my hands on him” but yeah ok.. maybe.. But Kami apparently threw a red bull out the window at a car and he what? was randomly walking around at 2am? and saw this go down? lol…. ummmmm so 2 other cops came.. here.. proof AND I apparently video taped the entire conversation lol.

So they left.. after.. yep dont really know don’t really care.. um all I know is I went to bed @ 3 or 4 am and woke up at 6:30am FULLY DRESSED (W/ boots and jacket.. my exact outfit) upright…. but Ill explain more about the next “day” and how it was pretty eventful lol.. But anyways.. I didn’t eat that good I ate as BEST as I could without using it as an excuse to shitty food. Alcohol I can deal with, just not all the fat calories..

So I think since this day is technically over.. I’ll continue with day 9’s blog (today) lol. ❤


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