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I’ve been told that all processed foods are bad for us. I am having a hard time understanding what exactly is considered to be “processed food.” Do you have a list or something that would help me? Why are processed foods bad for us? Are there any processed foods that aren’t bad or even maybe good for us?Jen – User

Dictionary Definition?

Processed foods have been altered from their natural state, either for safety reasons or for convenience. The methods used for processing foods include canning, freezing, refrigeration, dehydration and aseptic processing.

There are a lot of processed foods being sold that aren’t good for you. Many of the bad processed foods are made with trans-fats, saturated fats, and large amounts of sodium and sugar. These types of foods should be avoided, or at least eaten sparingly. A common piece of advice is that if you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients you may want to avoid the product.

and some processed foods that are.. (ONLY by technicality)..

Milk is actually considered processed. It’s pasteurized to kill bacteria and homogenized to keep fats from separating.

But I hope you understand what I mean. For the most part, if it’s in a bag, box or package you probably shouldn’t be eating it.. or better yet, if it lasts for more then 2 weeks you shouldn’t be consuming it lol.

Still don’t care? Here are some fun facts that might make you care…

1: Deciphering food label ingredients leads to unappetizing results. Take the innocuous-sounding castoreum, which is used to enhance the flavor of puddings, candies, and some frozen dairy desserts. You might be surprised to know that it’s derived from beavers–beaver anal glands, specifically.

2: Many foods get their red coloring–“carmine”–from ground-up insect shells that can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

3: The greater the number of cheap cuts of meat ground into a single patty, the greater the risk of contamination with E. coli. A standard fast-food burger contains the trimmings of dozens of cows raised around the globe.

4: According to research from UCLA, it takes only two months to lower levels of brain chemicals responsible for learning and memory (like BDNF) on a steady diet of processed foods.

5: Processed food is only as good as its packaging: In the summer of last year, Kellogg’s recalled 28 million boxes of cereal because a compound in the box lining (the company wouldn’t say what) was giving off a foul smell and tainting the taste of the boxed food.

6: The same company that makes metal detectors for airports also sells them to food manufacturers, who use the devices to test processed meats for stray wires, metal shards, and hypodermic needles.

7: The ingredients list for Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups doesn’t include…strawberries.

8: Animal feed given to factory-farmed cows contains rendered roadkill and euthanized cats and dogs, as well as plastic pellets as a cheap form of “roughage.”

9: There are more than 80 ingredients in one Oscar Mayer Lunchables Breaded Chicken and Mozzarella sandwich.

10: The FDA allows 19 maggots and 74 mites in a three-and-a-half-ounce can of mushrooms.

Processed foods that are bad for your diet:

  • Canned foods with large amounts of sodium or fat
  • Breads and pastas made with refined white flour instead of whole grains
  • Packaged high-calorie snack foods such as chips and candies
  • Frozen fish sticks and frozen dinners that are high in sodium
  • Packaged cakes and cookies
  • Boxed meal mixes that are high in fat and sodium
  • Sugary breakfast cereals
  • Processed meats

When you go grocery shopping, stick with NATURAL FRESH WHOLE FOODS. Fruits, veggies, poultry ext. STAY AWAY FROM THE INSIDE OF YOUR LOCAL GROCERY STORE!!!!

This wont be easy but this is a lifestyle, and a healthy one at that. This is serious. No one understands or believes that what you put in your body is a HUGE deal. Maybe you have to experience a heart attack to accept the idea and to change your lifestyle. I’m here to help. It’s going to go suck at times and hurt at times but you can do this. MIND OVER MATTER. Find your control, because right now you have none.

Suck it up and one day you won't suck in

If you love food more then you love your health, don’t bothering following me.


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31 thoughts on “Processed Foods

  1. Mike Barratt says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing this! I love the quote about the longer the shelf the shorter the human life. Very powerful!

  2. sweetopiagirl says:

    Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

  3. Sandi says:

    Great post! Makes so much sense, doesn’t it?

  4. URL says:

    very good post. Ne’er knew this, thanks for letting me know. 730969

  5. Bethany says:

    Another reason my kids will someday thank me for being the anti-lunchables mom!

  6. Aimee says:

    Can you share what you eat in a typical day? I am not a huge fan of meat, milk or eggs but think that I am eating too many carbs which may be why I am not losing weight. I exercise everyday and don’t eat a lot of calories but the scale is not moving.

    • ohshititsmar says:

      What I just posted is a daily thing. but right now my blog is day to day diet of a bikini competitor which is different then my usual lifestyle. But in general, I don’t eat processed foods. All the foods I eat are either natural, organic, ext (rot in a week or so) or they have less then 4-5 ingredients. I use nut butter instead of PB (my nut butter is made with just 1-2 ingredients , compared to your 3-5). No breads really. Ezikiel (spelling?) Is good (has to be kept in the refrigerator) I eat fruits and all kinds of vegetables, and I don’t eat sugar <– probably the most important one. This means no sugary pops and drinks, and no desserts ext. I make healthy alternatives. I have great recipes from a lovely blogger by the name of Chocolatecoveredkatie. she is awesome. But yeah.. thats about it.. 🙂

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Sorry, also what kind of carbs are you eating? Have you tried a protein powder or even a green smoothie? my mom doesn’t really eat meat either and I make both for her and she loves them. and what kind of exercise are we referring to?

  7. Aimee says:

    I will eat a sandwich with light low cal bread and just lettuce…no mayo or cheese….I love soups, veggie, potato, bean, tomato etc. I have never had protein powder or a smoothie; I have always said that I would rather eat than drink something but I am willing to change that. Compared to most people I eat pretty healthy. Almost never eat fast food…lots of salads with light dressings, no croutons. Lots of cucumbers and tomatoes…but I do dip them in light ranch. I do like candy and flavored creamer in my coffee. I am 5’5 and weight 140 and I have had 3 kids (a set of twins in there). I wear a size 6 or S/M in most things. I am not “fat” I just want to get back to 130lbs….and I forgot my favorite. I love red wine! That is something that I am not willing to give up so I hope that I can somehow fit that into my weight loss plan.

    I alternate a powerflex type class with mixed up cardio on alternating days. I used to do crossfit.

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Sounds pretty good.
      Keep your wine, that is fine 🙂 Everything in moderation and everything sounds good for now. I WOULD make a suggestion and cut out the bread and instead start making your own or start substituting it with ezkiekiel (spelling lol?) its pretty good and has to be kept in the refrigerator, and are you still doing crossfit?
      On average how many days/hours a week do you work out? and if you can could you takee 1-3 days and write down what you eat and the times you ate it at? and if or when you workout?

  8. Aimee says:

    I’ve kind of decided that I must be eating too many carbs so I bought the New Atkins book which seems to promote “foundation veggies” and lean meats etc. I already feel that my tummy is flatter minus the carbs.

    Today I woke up and ate some left over chicken kebobs that we had made on the grill last night with a few grilled pepper pieces and onion. Then I had a salad with homemade dressing, a few sunflower seeds, tomato, onion and colored pepers on it. For a snack I ate 2 deviled eggs and I just ate a salad just like earlier. I am also in the process of making califlower leek soup.

    I am guessing that the carbs and ‘I do like candy’ have kind of snuck up on me. After reading about how you go to Whole Foods to get chicken I have decided that I need to do something similar (we dont have a Whole Foods…sucks!) I kind of gross out for making my own chicken sometimes so buying it already done might help me in that depatment.

    • ohshititsmar says:

      ahhhh thats super cool! Honestly.. you should check out primal blueprint talks about how we should eat like we use to, eat to live not live to eat..
      carbs should be your last option ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS choose protein over a carb, idgaf if its a fatty meat, anything over bread ext especially white, enriched, bleached ext. Im glad youre on a better path. check out some of my desserts that aren’t really fattening (can be, ALWAYS can be lol) but some of them like last night was a 60 sec chocolate cake and I literally died. It was so good and the only thing bad about it was the 3 tbs of WW flour.. )

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  10. Aimee says:

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