Before and After Bikini Comp Pics <3


In the Process:


Day before the Show:

Day of the Show:

Day after:

Yes my room is messy and yes I look like shit without makeup haha ❤ But this is my true transformation. I believe I have more before pics but they are somewhere on that pink camera and I have NO idea where it is. I am thinking my sister stole it back again. (its mine, but she keeps taking it lol)..

So there you have it kids. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!

Yes it takes hard work but why would you not want to give yourself 100% ?

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10 thoughts on “Before and After Bikini Comp Pics <3

  1. digs344 says:

    IM A FAN!!!!!!
    check out my survival vid, im seeing if anyone thinks its funny.

  2. Daniel says:

    Excellent work! Nice to see that there are some Females out there doing things the smart way!

  3. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! That’s awesome! Your washboard abs are fantastic motivation!

  4. Wow how great!! I can tell you put a lot of hard work and time into this! You definitely give me the motivation to start working out more!

    • ohshititsmar says:

      oh thank you so much!

      Thats why I’m doing this blog, so I appreciate the feed back and hope you get to your goals! its mind over matter 🙂

      let me know if you have any questions

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