Day 24 whatthefuck

Everything just deleted and I couldn’t get it back

730 protein shake
930 lara bar
130 Chicken Breast
430 Turkey Fajitas Potatoes Broccoli
610 Chicken Breast
730 Justins Almond Butter
800 Chicken Breast
900 Leg work out
1000 Protein shake

going to bed.

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9 thoughts on “Day 24 whatthefuck

  1. thel.m.m says:

    I’m trying so hard to get my stomach in some sort of sense. I went from 220 lbs to 180 lbs, been going to the gym Mon, Weds, Fri since Sept ’11 and my stomach looks like crap. I am turning to dieting. Any recommendations?

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Its all your diet sweetie. So I’m glad you came my way. Could you tell me what you eat every day?

      • thel.m.m says:

        I Start off with a banana and yogurt for breakfast. Usually a high protein lunch, which may include fresh turkey, chicken breast or something along that line. Dinner is hard for me. I cook my own food so I may eat rice with a beef stew like I did the other day or meatballs and linguini. I cut out soda and no candy or bread.

      • ohshititsmar says:

        try to have a protein at EVERY meal. and have either or the banana or yogurt. Try to get full of veggies and water <– FILL UP!!! and dinner doesnt seem bad as long as ur using those carbs for fuel. or at you going right to bed after consuming them or are you working out?
        and good just cutting out soda and candy, however reward yourself with a "cheat" meal (NOT DAY, just one meal) and enjoy the stuff you missed and move on. AND get active.. are you currently on a work out schedule?

      • thel.m.m says:

        yea i workout mon, wed, and friday. Run 25mins before each work out. I eat after I work out (is that bad?). I need more veggies as I am thinking about it now and I am trying to drink alot of water.

      • ohshititsmar says:

        so you dont weight train at all? because I would start. Ask or google different COMPOUND exercises and start MOVING and LIFTING weights!! and do cardio AFTER a training session 🙂 and yes TOOOONNSSS of veggies!!!!

      • thel.m.m says:

        oh no no i weight train. Monday i do chest, triceps and shoulders. Wednesday is back, biceps and stomach. Fridays is legs, forearms, and calves.

      • ohshititsmar says:

        oh okay. well good :):) so it really must be your diet.
        how often do you eat crap? and by crap all processed foods and fast foods?

      • thel.m.m says:

        i try to keep it to a minimum so say about once every two weeks and when I have something I try to get the best thing on the menu. So for example I had Mcdonalds the other day and all I had was the chicken selects and one apple pie. But other than that I make my own lunches. I was eating a lot of sandwiches. But I needed to cut down on the bread.

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