Day 54 The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.


Wanted to hit it hard today because I was kind of running low on time (was getting to be 8pm, gym closes at 10pm).

Seated Shoulder Press x3

30lbs (each arm) x 12reps
15lbs x fail

Lateral Raise to Front Raise x3

15lbs x 12reps
15lbs x fail

Incline Flye x4

15lbs x 10reps
15lbs x fail

Seated Cable Chest Press

I actually don’t know the exact weight (8) x4
x 10reps

45 Min Cardio Elliptical 10+ level

25 Min Cardio Treadmill 7+level

Day 54 in pictures..

  1. Protein Shake in the morning =D
  2. A picture I had someone photo shop to prove a point.
  3. My chicken breast on the go.
  4. My date night friday.
  5. I was only going to do the last 5 minutes on the treadmill, then I realized LA closed in 15 min….so I overachieved like a boss.

Today was a pretty good day as in regards to eating. Period was pretty bad (cramps, bloating), but other than that every things all good in the hood. Some personal issues arising (good and bad), but like I said in my last blog, can’t say too much for now. Will expose later :):):):):):):)

** Btw sorry my blogs have been boring the last week or so. I have no idea how I want my blog to look, how I should post things…. so please bare with me.. I will do a FAQ soon, so if you have a questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a great weekend press people!!

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5 thoughts on “Day 54 The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge.

  1. jlgentry says:

    “You are stronger than you think” is so true. I said almost the same thing in my latest running post

  2. Love the quote! You’re workouts are intense. I’m hoping I can get to that point one day! Great blog!

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Thank you :):):) and youll get there! Just keep focused, know that there will be good and bad days and take em with a grain of salt. You can do this as long as you WANT to do this 🙂

      • Thanks! I just need to keep telling myself that when I’m at the gym. I’m doing a 10k in a month so I’m thinking of upping my workouts to two a day… It’s so hard to stay motivated!

      • ohshititsmar says:

        Yes it is very hard to stay motivated till you see progress then you get ADDICTEDDDDD haha.. but good luck! I don’ run, simply because I cant. Sometimes I wish I could, but sometimes it can actually do more damage then just the benefit of burning calories.. Stay strong lady!!!!! ❤

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