Day 58 Gettin it in

Work 9-5 (Autowerks)


The Food Log

The Workout

Front Squats 

50lbs x 10 x 2
60lbs x 7 x 1
60lbs x 6 x 1


50lbs x 20 x 5 =


Back Ext

45lbs x 12 x 1

Leg Press

140lbs x 12 x 5

Leg Ext 

65lbs x 10 x 2
75lbs x 8 x 1
85lbs x 8 x 1
95lbs x 6 x 1
110 x 2 x 1 <— lol

Cardio only 15 minutes. My legs were SHOT!


Day 59 in Pictures..

  1. Woke up to my Sperrys at my door! Super excited and Zappos was AWESOME! (Actually stopped mid ship bc I knew the size I ordered wasn’t going to fit and they were so easy and helpful to deal with!! ).
  2. My Banana. lol.
  3. My meals while at work. Mostly Chicken, Broccoli, and Corn, and some onion. 
  4. PYAOB Sent me some clothing. That was nice of them ;););)
  5. Then I went on a shopping spree….. $18 to try a new PB… Its chocolate almond butter, with 1g net carb, and 14 grams of protein :):)
  6. Then I had to buy lululemon pants. omg. 
  7. Came home, had a pre work out shake 🙂
  8. Play with Marley for a little. She is turning 2 in a week!!
  9. SWEATTTTING like a pig today… eek!
  10. Chipotle. Nuff’ said. 
  11. A little pit stop && NO those wheat thins are NOT for me (so much shit in them), and I got a sweet lunch box for $7.50… I KNOW this will come in handy 🙂
Work has been going great, and my mood has defiantly changed (for the better :). I am consistenly staying on track with eating and working out. School has been a little challenging this week but no big deal, Ill hang in there. I think give or take I am about 5 lbs shy of my goal weight.. Doesn’t seem like much, but it is when you are already working out an hour plus everyday lol. Still need to register and get on my suit finding business. Also need to start studying for my test this weekend (even though I probably won’t because its a take home test.. ugh).. and need to keep my head in the game. LOL so about the kid that hit on me.. I was just WAY to tired to post it yesterdayy (had a SUPER long day).. but it goes a little like this..
I was working out on a  back machine, when I randomly met eyes with the dude in front of me.. I didn’t think anything of it and kept doing my thing.. well I ended up on the stair master, which is before the entrance to the locker rooms. I saw him go in, and then he came out. Second guessed himself and then came my way, “I don’t want to come off as crazy, because I’ve been told Im crazy before, but we met eyes and I heard music..” LMFAO. I laughed so hard.. it was cute.. so I gave him my number. I’m not use to saying no to people.. however it’s starting to get a little ridiculous at the gym lately.. I just had a worker of LA Fitness (TODAY) literally stop me mid work out today to try and talk to me as my hand is literally inches away from my ear because I want to put my headphones back in and finish a set… I think he finally caught on.. FUCK… Not to mention.. when I found the note on my car.. or when another employee got my number from when he asked me to write my information down (I was SEMI interested in a PT job, I have been asked a total of 4 times by different people that I should work at LA) <– and fuck that I never will (sucky pay, no clients ext). How disrespectful.. Not kidding, I understand how guys are but this is getting a tad bit out of hand… :/
Wow I published that without realizing that it didn’t save.. no big deal.. that was pretty much the end of my rant anyways.. I’ll leave you with a little motivation ..
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One thought on “Day 58 Gettin it in

  1. Wow! You definitely worked up a sweat during your workout!
    Isn’t it nice to get hit on when you’re covered in sweat and huffing&puffing? Haha but I would HATE for them to ruin a workout by trying to talk to you in the middle of a set or something.
    Your chicken salad lunches look awesome, btw!

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