Day 69 <–lol

I love saturday mornings. Actually I love the weekend period, not having an alarm clock needed to be set is an AMAZING feeling and I value the time I have left with this peace.

Not just in general say, come monday, but when I actually have responsibilities later in life with kids. A Facebook friend and a cute little blogger is about to give birth probably any day now. Its super excited watching her grow and buy kids clothes ext (I don’t know where any of this is coming from). Btw I bought her something cute off etsy (which I have fallen in love with), and I just need to send it out. But yeah going back to my little rant, I appreciate my mornings I have to lay in bed and get that extra stretch in without needing to check the time. 🙂

So thank you God.

*belly is rumbling* and its 1036am.

But I have already been up and done an hour of cardio on the stair master.

The Food Log

930am Protein Shake (Dymatize, Muscleegg, a little water, PB2, Ice).
130pm Lean Ground Turkey w/ broccoli.
4pm 6oz Filet  Mignon w/ Asparagus.
8pm 2 Chicken slices w/ Asparagus and 1/2cup Muscleegg.
11pm Muscleegg (1/2 cup or so).

The Work Out

815am 45min Cardio on stairmaster (this was actually a personal challenge and it hurt).

550pm Started with Lying Chest Press/ Flye

30lbs x 12 x 2 w/ 15lbs x 10x 2
30lbs x 10 x 2 w/ 15lbs x 8 x 2 

Incline Chest Press

20lbs x 10 x 3
15lbs x 10 x 3

Plyo Work

20 (left and right count as one) Bosu Ball Jumps
1:30 min Planks w/
25 BW Jump Squats  x 4

so another 100 squats lol….

then the leg abducter/adducter
100-130lbs x 25 x 4

Cable Chest Flye x 4

45 Min Cardio

Day 69 in Pictures..

  1. Cant really see her, but thats what I wake up too.
  2. 60 Minutes of the Stairmaster. Awesome.
  3. Tanning Lotions, couldn’t help it.
  5. Marley thinking she owns shit.
  6. Marleys Toys ❤
  7. Marley loving her toys/treats ❤
  8. My photoshopped ass.
  9. Post Work out.
  10. My favorite beggar.

So today was suppose to be laid back but like always my life is one big schedule. Worked out early (8am), showered, blogged, tanned, got food to grill, got Marley presents, prepared food, cooked food, worked out again, ate food again, back in bed. Lol. Uh….. well.. that should do it 🙂

She is my favorite. Miss Prestin

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5 thoughts on “Day 69 <–lol

  1. Miss Prestin kinda looks like a tranny to meee! 😛

    But your dog is ADORABLE!!

  2. sweetlyvegan says:

    Hey doll… looking amazing with that hot photo-shopped booty 😉 lol haters always gonna hate!! Chase and I love the way you handle those idiots with sarcasm tho. Thats all you can do sometimes.. and then they just get bored and finally give up. Trust me- Chase has a fan club of haters… they are always trying to pry into our lives and then they post about it on a website almost daily – even going so low to write about our baby! Stupid fucks.
    But hey look at you going to town on the grilled chicken and asparagus! You are no joke! That looks so yummy!!!! I love asparagus! One of my favorite green veggies.
    And just curious… what do you do when your muscles are sore after a good workout? Do u pop some advil? After I lift weights my muscles ache so bad the next day and I can’t take any med to make the pain go away 😦
    I have to give u props for doing the stair master for 45 minutes too. That machine kicks my ass… no wonder with that thing and the thousands of squats you do a week your ass looks so good that haters would say it was photo-shopped! Get it girl!! xoxox

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Yeah now I am just having fun with all of them lol.. Wow.. and not gonna lie I heard SOME stuff.. don’t actually know how we became fb friends but I knew a couple people in pics and people who Chase knew, but regardless its fucking stupid. I don’t understand how people attack other people, and then your baby??? a WHOLLLLLLE nother story. Its so sad. 😦 but fuck em. and EPSOM Salt.. or whatever it is.. I was going to fb you when I saw that because you being prego and all…. The come in different like choices? lol relax, sleep, ext or you can get the sports related one.. I took a pic of the most recent one I scooped up so Ill post it for you. But thank you for all the compliments, you’re a doll. I hope everything is going well.. and I am waiting for the news on Facebook that your water broke :):):):):):):) Super excited for ya chica!

  3. WOW I can’t believe you can do cardio for so long . . . you are an inspiration! I WANT YOUR BUTT! Keep up the great work girly 🙂

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