Day 71 Nothing important here..

Didn’t start off well, but I feel good. I am getting super excited about this competition and actually thinking of doing another show after my birthday πŸ™‚ ANY WHO I am always looking ahead.. and you’re never guaranteed tomorrow, so I should practice that πŸ˜‰

..though I did realize I am 25 days out… meaning if I did an 2 workouts, averaging 500 calories burned, I could burn 37000 calories.. in theses 25 days, while consuming roughly 30000.. so.. 7500 / by 3500 is like 2. something.. so a SOLID 2 lbs of body fat could be potentially lost. btw those 2 work outs.. I just mean working out twice a day.. the second workout is actually a 45ish min lift followed by 45-60min of cardio πŸ™‚

oh and I don’t think you guys are ready for my cravings. Yes they have started, and yes they are bad. Just wait for these pics, they will have you salivating.

BLAHBLAHBLAH I don’t know I worked out after class and went home and slept. Sorry boringΒ  log too stressed and emotional to edit this one. So I am pushing publish and don”t care.


6 thoughts on “Day 71 Nothing important here..

  1. Woo! 25 days out! Can’t wait!

  2. Megan says:

    Lol why do we look at pics of food we can’t have when we diet?! Pinterest just makes it 10 x worse.

    Question: do you count calories/macros? Did you design it yourself or use any websites/trainers?


    • ohshititsmar says:

      Oh I am about to post the worst/best post ever. My cravings started. aka i dream about food.. the pics in my phone are food… i visualize eating this food. lol its so bad….. and before all up until this point I was fine! haha

      and no I don’t count macros.. Ive had past eating disorders and it can get pretty crazy. I believe in the science behind it but there are so many more variables that aren’t accounted for.. like for example I am a complete weirdo and have done numerous bw squats in the bathroom while at work…. yet I sit at a computer all day (i sit and sit down a lot, but my main thing in my desk) so I wouldn’t be that active…. UNLESSSSS… you took in account my fitness background.. anyways I was going to keep explaining but the point is everyone is different and bodys adapt to different things (caffeine actually puts me to sleep… ) <– weird i know and sucks at the same time… I am however watching my calories for the next 3 weeks because of the show but I won't once I am done.. I will just work out and eating my whole foods.. as long as you're not eating shit I really don't think theres much to worry about πŸ™‚

      What are you looking to do?

      • Megan says:

        Thanks for your reply; I really appreciate it πŸ™‚

        Big LOL @ doing squats in the bathroom at work!!

        Yeah what you are saying makes complete sense, and to be honest, I already know it!!! I have a major skinny fat problem . . . size wise I’m fine but I have so much body fat, especially in my hips, thighs and butt. It’s so hard to shift but I know I just have to keep being consistent and stop having so many cheat meals :-///

        Thanks again and GOOD LUCK!!!

      • ohshititsmar says:

        Remember your diet is a HUGE thing.. doesnt matter how hard you work in the gym.. if your diet sucks so will you…

        on a worse note, you lose weight like a box, (harder to type then to show visually) but your midsection is the last to go.. so keep fighting!! haha πŸ™‚

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