79 Power through the pain period.

The Food Log

(Food will start looking the same, so sorry for the blandness)

730am Quest Bar
11am Ground Turkey w/ Asparagus
230pm ”  ”
630pm (so fucking hungry grrrr hate waiting for people) another Quest bar.. I was craving it.. and had a rice cake with it
945pm (Post workout) Just my Turkey Burgers and mustard

The Work Out

6am 45 Minutes Cardio
8pm Back (I don’t feel like writing out everything.  Sorry lol) Didn’t do much though, focused on lat pulldown, rows, and back ext.

+ another 45 Minutes Cardio

Day 79 in Pictures..

  1. Ground Turkey w/ Asparagus
  2. Mexican Food I had to pick up but couldnt eat and had to give away my lunch 😦 wamp
  3. Quest Bar and Rice cake? lmao.
  4. Marley being beautiful.
  5. Me.. can’t really see.. but IM THERE…Idk.
  6. Turkey Burgers w/ Pickles and Mustard. YUM
  7. LFL Tryouts are this Saturday……..hmmmmm
  8. Sorry for the screen shots.. but this recipe looks soooo good!

So the days seem to be just passing by. I feel like every decision has to be well thought out now. I have the basics.. I hope.. Just picked up the sponges and eye lashes. Planning out the food (most likely all from Whole Foods) to bring along. Need to book nail apt and book hotel for a night, so the whole tanning process won’t get hectic..(I need two-three coats.. one on Friday and one Saturday morning buck fuck early)..  and I need to be in Chicago by 8am for a mandatory meeting that obviously everyone rushes too and they just make you sit… whatever lol. I also need to figure out when I am getting my hair cut but I will see Taylor on Thursday to make everything set in stone. Other then that, Ive been looking at myself.. (honestly really trying hard not too because I PICK MYSELF APART).. anywho.. I need to keep the cardio up and really focus on intensity of the workouts now.. Also need to start my detox tea, and a week after that my distilled water. Well see how that all works out.. lol. Not much going on.. just trying to keep myself sane. 🙂

Thank you for everyone who leaves such pleasant comments.. I promise I’ll return the favor and keep up with all of you.. I try to  but I get so cluster fucked I just read them and don’t comment like I should! MORE SO BECAUSE my iphone likes to suck and make it  difficult to leave a comment from it.. so I say I’ll wait till I get to a computer but never do. ADD.. to the tee.

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6 thoughts on “79 Power through the pain period.

  1. jlgentry says:

    It’s gettin’ close and I am certain you will do great. I have some questions for you, but will wait until the event has passed to ask them. Keep your focus. Reading your updates and hearing the issues of “real life” has been motivation for me and I am sure others. You probably don’t believe that, but it is true. What’s the convention for wishing you the best of luck in this competition?

    • ohshititsmar says:

      I know.. so close!.. eek.. but whatever.. I knew going into it that I needed more time but I think I should be okay.. We shall wait and see!

      I appreciate the nice comment.. Ive been wanting to blog for awhile now and just getting the hang of it all.. I am actually still learning and getting annoyed with how I write because I feel like I am trying to impress people on here and not actually writing what I want (even though I clearly write what I want lol).. but I am super glad that my words/pictures/blog are motivation to others. I have been dealing with body issues for as long as I choose to remember and I want to help people understand that food is not the enemy. Being a prisoner in your own mind, is constant self punishment and with a little faith, I hope I can motivate others to believe in themselves then fall deeper into this black hole of self doubt. I havent reached my destination (thats for sure), but I sure as fuck started the journey 😉

      Honestly after years of battling myself, I think its time I work with myself, rather then against. Mind over matter.
      and btw ask any questions you may have. 😉

  2. You look great!!! Seriously, your butt is amazing. You inspire me to work hard at the gym 🙂

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