Going through a rough time. Will return 5/13.



4 thoughts on “Going through a rough time. Will return 5/13.

  1. April says:

    Stay strong.. we can do this ❤

  2. I will pray for you… for God to come through in every goal or dream that seemed too big and daunting. Our God is more mighty and powerful than anything that we will ever face 🙂

  3. Hello Marissa,

    I just found out about you on Instagram, and find you n this blogging fascinating,… I think its interesting that your blogging about your progress in physical fitness,… And now I found your blog n how you stopped cause your going through a rough time.I’m sorry your going through a rough, and it will get better,… I’m not gonna ask whats going on, since thats a person thing,…. But I want to write you, because your really inspirational person, whetehr you believe me or not, and I just want to keep you going,… or get you to continue on your mission,…

    I think you should make these photos your own inspirational photots for yourself,…

    I’m proud of you Marissa in both the work outs n the blogging,…



    I hope these link work, n they inspire you again,

    and I will delete your photos off of my account, after I know you read this,…

    Your a very inspiring person Marissa don’t give up

    Thanks, Joe

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