Day 93- 3 days left..

Wednesday, May 9th…

Woke up fat. No joke.

NO idea where my abs went. Possibly the more carbs I had yesterday due to a leg workout? UGH.

so guess what I did, I googled that shit.

Found the same shit I already knew, drink more water, sweat ext ext.. Did see something about preparation- H.. so I got it. Lmao. I am so bad. Do not follow what I do just yet.. the point of the cream is to apply it prior or cardio so it secretes the fluid out of that area…… *CROSSES FINGERS* *PRAYS* *BLOWS OUT A CANDLE* pleassssssssseeeeeeeeeee work..

I’ve had enough. 3 days. I can do this.

All I want is to finish this contest prep.. EAT like crap for 24 hours, then get back to my normal lifestyle. I want to eat fruit without guilt. I want to EAT TO GROW AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!! I know I’ll lose my abs for a few days but I don’t care. You should see me at the gym late at night.. I am practically SLEEPING!!! I am trying so hard, then I beat myself up over the fact that it was possibly a shitty fucking workout. I need balance in my life. Balance and forgiveness, especially for oneself.

Alright so yesterday after my never ending work day I headed over to Taylor’s Salon after I walked Marley and ate really quick.. (@La Flavia Salon in IL).. I waited around for a bit, for her to finish with her last client then I was next! She ended up cutting about 4 inches off.. dry cut and everything. It. Looks. Awesome. Anyways after we were chit chatting.. she thought she was going to dye it as well.. well obviously a miscommunication.. haha.. so I am going back tomorrow (Thursday) for her to dye it and style it (just so I know what it looks like and if I want it up or down).. so yes.. any who.. after the haircut we went back to her house and she got ready and we hit the gym.

It was leg day.. the last leg day of this contest prep.  yep. and let me tell you I, my “rest” breaks were me shutting my eyes and trying to sleep. It was awful. The only bright side of this story is I lifted my heaviest.. weird? haha.. no joke.

Blah blah blah got home at 1130pm and passed the fuck out.

I did book the hotel, so that’s another thing off my list of things to do. Now its just a waiting game really lol. Playing around with my poses and how my “abs” look in certain poses.. I am def ready to get all pampered though. Taylor is going to do an amazing job I already know.. now if my body was up to par…..

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Don’t worry.. I’ll be confident up there because you really don’t have any other choice lmfao.. but deep down I could of done better. I just have to remind myself that I didn’t do this with the intention of trying to out beat every girl.. this was a personal goal.  Really just a set date that I needed to lose that god awful weight in and I think I at least accomplished that. Again.. just WAIT for the before and after pics.. I at least lost 25 SOLID POUNDS OF FAT. Ugh I was disgusting.

Alright that was my little update for you and again I apologize for the lack material in my blogs.. I PROMISEEEEE as soon as I get SOME energy I will put A LOT of effort into making this blog something special. I LOVE receiving the comments/feed back from you guys. It ALWAYS puts me in a better mood/ a smile on my face. So I thank you.

now, to leave you with a photo that have made my jaw drop today.. about  motivation.

Now go work out! 😉

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18 thoughts on “Day 93- 3 days left..

  1. o__O Holy crap! That girl’s abs are insane!!!
    I hope you find your abs soon… actually, i know you will!
    And I can’t wait for you to be done and eat a big ol’ platter of fruit 🙂

  2. JWo says:

    Can’t wait to see the before and after pics…

    I’ve been trying to add more protein in our meals but I was wondering why you always seem to eat asparagus.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE asparagus (we just finished off 2 bunches in 4 days) but didn’t know if there was another reason. I mean, I get eating the spinach and all, but all I think asparagus does is make your pee stink. haha… Am I missing something?

    • ohshititsmar says:

      1 – can detoxify our system

      2 – has anti-aging functions

      3 – is considered an aphrodisiac

      4 – can protect against cancer

      5 – reduces pain and inflammation

      6 – can prevent osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

      7 – reduces the risk of heart disease

      8 – can help prevent birth defects

      BAM! Haha I stole this. All I know is it’s a natural direutic and now that I seem to be holding a crap Tom of water, I’m taking advantage!!

      • JWo says:

        Interesting… haha…

        I just sent you a follow-up question to your FB account… I hope that’s OK.

    • ohshititsmar says:

      Hmm via messages? I don’t see anything ..

      • JWo says:

        Crap, really? I got this message when I tried to “friend” you.. .

        Sorry, but this person has reached the limit of maximum friends, but you are now subscribed to their public updates.

        But it let me send a message… I can see it but of course that doesn’t mean you can… obviously.


      • JWo says:

        I meant to add that I followed FB link on your Gravatar page…

  3. April says:

    i can’t wait until you can live your life again! :)) i can’t even begin to tell you how much you’ve done for me. thanks soo much ❤ haha. i hope you enjoy your fruits in 3 days! 😀

  4. Megan says:

    Friggin girl problems!!!! How much does it suck?! Wow, only three days left.

    And WOW, 25 pounds of fat, that’s incredible! You’re such an inspiration 🙂

    Keep up the great work 🙂 🙂

  5. Joe says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog Marissa,… I find it fascinating, 3 more days you can do,… I think this is amazing n your an amazing woman,… Sorry I didn’t reply on yesterdays blog but I started a new job n you know how that is,… anyways, proud of you! !!!

  6. orangecrush says:

    Hey, good luck!!! It’s really fun to find other competitors out there with blogs. Reading it I was laughing, because I suffer through the same OCD type thoughts when prepping. And you are right, in the end it comes down to you making your goals, not how well you place. Just being up there is a huge accomplishment! Post pics after your contest, I’m excited to see what you’ve done!

  7. jlgentry says:

    Your in the final stretch. Focus and kick ass. As long as you end the weekend happy with yourself, we’ll be happy. Then take a rest and I’ll start to teach you to run!

  8. jlgentry says:

    Actually, that’s good. No bad habits. If you want to take your time, it can be done – usually. I’m at

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