Marley and me.

I think Marley knew something was wrong last night. She likes sleeping with my mom and whenever I close the door she sits by it till she realizes it’s not going to open. Instead of doing that, she cuddled up and became the little spoon almost instantly. As her head rest on my arm, I started crying. She knew, looked up and licked the tears running down my face. She makes me at peace.

This morning.

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5 thoughts on “Marley and me.

  1. Jerry Gentry says:

    Dogs give that unconditional love. Hope you make it through whatever is wrong.

  2. Aww, so precious! Yes, our pets definitely know when something is not right and it’s amazing how they come to just be there with us and comfort us.

  3. Dogs are great family members!!! I love the smile on Marleys face, she looks so content.

  4. Shauna says:

    Somedays I do not know what I would do with my dogs. They always know.

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