2 months. That’s all I need. 8 weeks and I will be “show time” ready.

I usually hate putting time frames on crap but this one is for shits and giggles and to see how far I can really push myself.

Right now I am eating..
Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pastas and breads and fruits.
Protein: Anything my little heart desires.
Fats: Nuts, Avocado, and some more nuts.

Closer to “show time”, I will reduce my carbohydrate intake and take out fruits completely.
I am currently doing no less than 30 minutes of cardio a day (right now doing 2x a day but that’s because I got all happy for a couple days lol)..
Lifting 6x a week. I split my workouts into body parts. Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Quads, Glutes/Hams, and Back. I try to lift as heavy as I can, when I can.
I am introducing more plyometric work rather then resting.. I’ll be doing “active” resting:

The term “active rest” or “active recovery” applies to training schedules used by athletes.  In the recent past, athletes were encouraged to rest completely after a competition or on a day off.  But newer research shows that engaging in low-intensity exercise during “rest” is better for maintaining fitness levels.  Low-intensity exercise flushes out lactic acid and delivers healing oxygen to the muscles.  Any activity that keeps the target heart rate in the 60 – 65% range is low-intensity exercise.

It’s a great way of burning more calories throughout the work out. It consists of A LOT of jump squats and lunges, burpees and bosu ball and box jumps.

I have been trying to run more but I will save that for a later date. Just been getting really involved with the spin bike but will be spinning, using the stairmaster, and the treadmill (possibly the row machine but not for much.. I get fed up and annoyed and fuck that).
As with my carbohydrates, the closer I get to my goal date, the more cardio I will do. It could be twice a day for up to 60 minutes, depending on how I look throughout this process.
Life Update:

Yesterday (tuesday), made a casein pb and chocolate cake for my pre workout. I think I was possibly craving this.. because I usually don’t have casein that early in the day but no big deal. Headed to the gym around 7:15pm and got straight to doing pull ups. I did a couple sets of these, at least 5. Did bent over rows, back ext, and some basic rows. Finished off with a solid 30 minutes of spin. My legs are really started to hate me, and have been sore forever. I don’t give them that much rest though.. I love working them!

..went to jewel, after my workout. Ate a banana in the car before I walked in though (now I make sure that I have SOMETHING to eat post workout if I know I wont go home right away).. Just shopped around for a few snacks. Here is what the shopping cart looked like:

Pretty light actually. I am super excited about the portable applesauce’s. They only have 2 ingredients (apples and cinnamon) and that’s it. Have you ever noticed that majority of applesauce’s have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them? Literally 4/5 times it has processed bullshit in it. Be careful. Also pretty excited for the ranch dip.. I am going to throw it in some greek yogurt and hoping it comes out well.. this could be a life savor lol… the rest of the stuff is just basics. Eggs, bananas, Ezekiel bread (however I like the english muffins more lol).. and some powerade (I am trying to get rid of my diet coke habit).  I realized that I really do get hungry through out the day.. and if something bad happens or something pisses me off I turn to food (or when the shop smells so fucking good because the boys are eating out), I turn to food. LOL. I fucking love it. All of it (okay no, I’m picky as hell..but seriously the food I like, I LOVE)..

..so much that my boyfriend actually tells me that’s when I am the happiest. Isn’t that something.. He can literally see a difference in me from when i’m doing nothing to when I am eating. Seriously?

However I enjoy my food now, eating healthy makes me happy. I like precooking meals and taking pictures of my snacks for the day. I am a loser in my own little way and I think I found people that accept that. This isn’t just a fad or something I am stoked about for the moment. This is my life and I will work each and every day to better myself and to help people along the way. I have so much that I want to do that I think sitting back and watching it replay in my head has done its job.. its back to business.

Today, Wednesday, I enjoyed a “banana split” protein shake.
Just add chocolate protein powder, flaxseed and ice 🙂
I have with me some greek yogurt and grapes, some almonds and a few rice cakes to snack on. For lunch I have my chicken “fried” rice that I will continue to eat till its all gone lol.. then I will make some dope pasta (possibly tonight for tonights post workout). I should be held over for the entire work day 🙂 I have a few extra carbs in my diet today because I am going hard on my legs tonight (lmao.. I NEEEEED too).. They feel all better but still get super worked up in spin class. I think I might take a few extra minutes and lay in the sauna for a bit. relax and sweat a bit 😉

&& guess the boy is coming over later. I have this thing.. where now I HAVE to work out first, in order for us to hang out lol. We’ll see how this goes 🙂 I just like to spend time with him 🙂 gushyyyyyy bullshit.. but for real. I am going to knock out a FANTASTIC leg work out.. walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes or so then head into the suana and get my ass home.
Ugh.. so not looking forward to legs being sore again.. lol…but I wonder how much I can squat..

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6 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Good on ya!

    Ha, I love seeing pics of people’s food 🙂 Great to get new ideas.

    With the bosu jumps, do you jump side to side, or front and back?

    Aaaand, do you find it hard to get to sleep after working out at night?

    • Marissa says:

      On the bosu ball I do side to side.. I sometimes do it on a bench because its higher up but until I get my core stronger Ill stick to my bosu balls lol.. and sometimes I do have problems sleeping.. but honestly.. lately I have been passing out.. I always have taken awhile to fall asleep even normally but I literally love my bed. Just put me there and Ill stay there.

  2. Jump squats and jump lunges and burpees… yes. Those are mega calorie-torchers. You go, girl!

  3. Keep this going please, great job!

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