Enter here to win a free giveaway!

..and so it begins!

My first ever giveaway, all thanks to Slimkicker.com!

Contest begins today Monday (9/10) @ 10am and will end Sunday (9/16) @ 10pm.

The winner will be announced one week from today.. and will be awarded an awesome prize!

To enter, simply leave a comment of 1-2 sentences with a fun fitness or diet challenge!

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7 thoughts on “Enter here to win a free giveaway!

  1. For a fitness challenge, simply having people run a faster mile at the end of one month (time at the beginning running 1 mile as fast as possible, and then train at least 3 times per week for 4 weeks. Time at the end to see improvement).

  2. taylorrmade says:

    A diet challenge for me would be going more than a week without froyo 😉

  3. April says:

    Diet challenge…drink 16 oz water before and after every meal 😀

  4. Tiffany says:

    Fitness challenge: no processed foods for 30 days, and for workouts, find/create homework outs that challenge you as much as gym work out. Reason for both to prove diet and having a great body don’t cost a lot.

  5. Amber Hernandez says:

    Diet Challenge: Keep a food journal or myfitness pal for a week straight and take pictures of it for accountability write down everything you eat… even if its “just a bite” that way you can see how many calories and macros etc you are really getting… alot of times people dont log those “just one bite moments” i know i’m guilty of that LOL

    Fitness Challenge: Everyday have a certain work out ie. Mondays: tricep dips Tuesday: Swuats and have everyone post how many and at what weight they were able to do.. and watch them grow and get stronger

    my email is amberrmariee30@yahoo.com

  6. Fitness challenge: split up push-ups into sets of 4. Increase reps each week. See how many you can do after one month.

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