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Enter here to win a free giveaway!

..and so it begins!

My first ever giveaway, all thanks to!

Contest begins today Monday (9/10) @ 10am and will end Sunday (9/16) @ 10pm.

The winner will be announced one week from today.. and will be awarded an awesome prize!

To enter, simply leave a comment of 1-2 sentences with a fun fitness or diet challenge!

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Contest Content Here!

 I am hosting a contest on behalf of a site called SlimKicker. Slimkicker is a calorie tracker and game that turns your diet/fitness goals into a level-up game with points and rewards. You rack up points by tracking healthy calories, and completing challenges such as quitting soda for a week. You upload a picture of a reward such as a cheat food, or iPod, and they’ll remind you to reward yourself with that reward as you reach a certain number of points. They have a large calorie count database with over 100,000 foods.

The contest will begin Monday September 10th at 10am and will end Sunday September 16th at 10pm.

.. So now we have the basics down..

What do you need to do to enter?

My readers, you guys!!, should leave a comment on Monday September 10th’s blog (tomorrow), with your suggestion on a fun, creative fitness or diet challenge. Should just be 1-2 sentences.

That’s it!

The contest will be one week long and the winner will be awarded the following week. The prize is something that I have mentioned before on my blog, but won’t announce it till mid week.. BUTTTTT just know its something I recommend to ALL of my clients!


A HUGE thank you to slimkicker for giving my readers and followers an awesome opportunity to make fitness fun!

Visit and sign up while you’re at it!

Motivation, we all need it!

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I hate coming up with titles..

I don’t feel well at all. My body aches. I’m holding water/bloated as fuck. Taking a new bc that I swear is already showing its side effects and I didn’t wake up this more for cardio. I think I would care a lot more if today wasn’t friday.. but I have all weekend to get my shit straight ( I don’t want to add too much cardio in at the moment just because I feel bloated). I recently quit smoking again (cold turkey) and getting use to the habit of my mouth being occupied with something lol. But it needs to be done, and the habit gone so I can really give this time my all.

Boy is going away for the weekend for the majority of it. I don’t mind. He needs this time and I see him enough as it is.. can’t be selfish nowadays. Gives me my own time to relax and not worry about timing or needing to be anywhere at a certain time (straight chill mode lol). I do have some quick errands to run and possibly a lunch date with someone but that’s the highlight of it. My mom just went for surgery this morning so I need to be available for the time outside of work anyways. Lucky for her she gets off work for a month :/ what I’d do for a paid month off.. one can only dream..

..back to the boy situation. He’s doing my brakes tonight after work (‘ so nifty).. and I told him we needed to talk. Obviously he asked about what and I said us.. were not officially back together but were going about our businesses like we are.. but there’s still that gray area that could really affect someone when it came down to it. I hope it turns out at least a little how I plan it to.. I want to be with him.. I really do and I will work on us and give 110%, slates washed clean.. but I need to feel that reciprocated. If you don’t feel that you can be faithful, trusted, or even be up to par in a relationship, don’t be in one. I will support and love you thru thick and thin, no matter how hard you push me away. People in your life are supposed to be there for a reason, good and the bad. I pushed you away when I thought that’s what I needed to figure it all out and however was I wrong? It broke my heart and I did it to myself.. then roles reversed and I was pushed away.. why? because you’re going thru a rough time? I want to be here.. nothing you are going thru will make me want to stray. I promise you that.

But, you can’t make people be with you. I think you know what you have, but I think that confidence of finding better shows his face from time to time. It is what it is Mike, and I may be over thinking things but this is why communication is so important. I am glad were talking tonight.. I don’t care if its short and sweet or I go home alone.. people in relationships need to be on the same page. I’d rather be told the truth now then hurt later over a lie.

I may be an emotional wreck sometimes but I’m independent as fuck and I don’t need anyone that doesn’t need me… no matter how fucking sexy they are 😉

Sorry.. life situations.. can spruce up any ol day!

Training a little upper body today. I want to go to X sport Fitness because its open longer and I know my brakes wont be super easy to do. Besides I wont see this cute kid for a little while so I need to make good use of my time.. I also just want to chill.. I won’t have a spin bike but I think I want to split up my cardio time with the treadmill and stairmaster. I am super sore as it is but need to just keep moving..

Trick to being sore, keep moving!

“Third question – foam roll your legs daily to get rid of the soreness faster. Don’t ever skip workouts, this only makes things worse – the best way to eliminate soreness is to train your legs again since this flushes blood into your muscles. The soreness will almost always go away after your warm-up sets.”

“The real expert says: If you’re not sore to the touch and you have your full range of motion, go to the gym. Start with 10 minutes of cycling, then exercise the achy muscle by performing no more than three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions using a weight that’s no heavier than 30 percent of your one-rep maximum, says Docherty.

..and I think I’ll kill two birds with one stone and sit in the sauna (for as long as I can). I’m bloated and sore as fuck. Perfect Friday night 🙂

Food Log

930am The last of my Dymatize Protein, Nuts and More PB, (flax/chia seeds, maca powder), Ice.
12pm Greek Yogurt/ Grapes

Rest of the food I have:

Coconut Butter
Ezekiel Slice
Steak/ Sweet Potatoes
Whole Wheat Pasta w/ Meat Sauce



Chest and I think a little light upper body.
Plyometrics (as long as I loosen up)

30/30 Treadmill/ Stairmaster

15-20min Sauna.

Stayed tuned announcing the contest in a few hours..


Bulk now, Lean later.

It’s come to my attention that people actually read my blog. I mean I know they did bu..nevermind. One of my lovely followers on Instagram (@maristheshit) last night commented about reading my blog regarding “bulking”.. It was a straight sweet thing to read but I got nervous… I write with no filter, no proofreading and am constantly saving after each paragraph interrupted by work (its my fault, im blogging during work hours meh)… It’s really my fault and not making enough time to sit down and produce a well versed or put together blog piece.. but I think of this as more as my fitness journal/journey documented via the computer. It’s shows a look into my life and how each part of my day revolves around my road to self acceptance.. from recovering disordered eater to a fitness competitor. So I apologize if I sound like a complete twat sometimes.
..on to the actual reason of this post.. I wanted to actually EXPLAIN what bulking is by definition but want it to be known of how I do things.. my way of course..
Bulking is by Urban Dictionaries definition:
Bulking is a process commonly used by an individual wishing to gain weight. Commonly used in bodybuilding (Off-Season) but will also be used by fitness enthusiast. Bulking attempts to build MUSCLE MASS

Simply it is an attempt to eat a healthy diet to gain weight, whilst minimizing fat gains. The basic principle of bulking to to consume more calories than you expend. Typically a bulking diet will consist of around 6-8 meals per day, spread out every 2-3 hours. A cleverly structured diet will show the breakdown of carbs,protein and fats. Typical bulking calories usually range from around 3000 to 6000 and should be tailored to the needs of the individual and specific goals.

 but overall by defintion:
 bulk  (blk)


1. Size, mass, or volume, especially when very large.

a. A distinct mass or portion of matter, especially a large one: the dark bulk of buildings against the sky.
b. The body of a human, especially when large or muscular.
3. The major portion or greater part: “The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful” (Bertrand Russell).
4. See fiber.
5. Thickness of paper or cardboard in relation to weight.
6. A ship’s cargo.
v. bulked, bulk·ing, bulks

1. To be or appear to be massive in terms of size, volume, or importance; loom: Safety considerations bulked large during development of the new spacecraft.
2. To grow or increase in size or importance.
3. To cohere or form a mass: Certain paper bulks well.

1. To cause to swell or expand.
2. To cause to cohere or form a mass.

Being large in mass, quantity, or volume: a bulk buy; a bulk mailing.

Phrasal Verb:

bulk up

To gain weight by gaining muscle: dietary supplements that helped the weightlifters bulk up.
.. actually a fantastic site for the “bulking” phase of this lifestyle show a few steps that caught my attention..

3. Eat Enough Calories To Grow But Don’t Get Sloppy

You will most likely gain some fat when bulking. In order to gain muscle you have to eat more calories than you burn and doing so can lead to some fat gain. Some people try to stay shredded while gaining muscle by either not eating enough calories or doing too much cardio. Doing so may allow them to stay super lean but they won’t be gaining much muscle. At the other end of the spectrum some people eat everything in sight to get as many calories as they can. This strategy will definitely lead to weight gain, but a lot of that weight will be fat and not muscle. The best approach is to eat sufficient calories to gain muscle but don’t get crazy with your eating and still doing some cardio to maintain cardiovascular health.

4. Do Some Cardio While Bulking

I recommend doing 2-3, 20-30 minute sessions of cardio each week while bulking (ideally on a non-weight training day) to maintain cardiovascular health and keep you fit. Cardiovascular training improves the heart’s ability to pump blood and increases oxygen uptake into cells. Strenuous weight training can be aerobically taxing and therefore having an efficient, strong heart will allow you to train harder. In addition, a fit person burns more fat at rest than an unfit person, so doing cardio while bulking can help keep you lean.

Read the rest of the article here:

Now.. What I am doing:

How can I explain this. When you work out you have to take into consideration that you will be burning calories **(okay it also depends if you half ass shit alright? That’s why its the best to get a heart rate monitor to track JUST how many calories you are burning. It makes that much of a difference in the long run. Have you ever seen the number of calories you burn when you run on the treadmill?? Yeah now practically cut those in half and that’s your real number of calories burned. The only cardio equipment I see that’s SEMI accurate is the stairmaster and the spin bikes.. So if you don’t understand why you aren’t losing weight, its because calories are calories no matter what. If you’re half assing your workouts but eat like you ran a marathon.. it’s going to catch up to you)** Sorry about that.. so although my heart rate monitor is sitting on my desk (my spacecaseself just needs a battery.. what the shit.. lol that’s it!) Any who, I can guessitmate the amount of calories I burned and can alter the amount of the food I consume post workout (yes this is NOT accurate.. obviously)… but I don’t always have a good workout and I need to take all of that into consideration. Shitty workout usually = shitty amount of calories burned =less food to refuel..  I have been doing this for so long that once you get the hang of it you almost don’t even have to measure anything (off season of course, competing really does get down to a science).

..With that being said, I am consuming a lot of carbs. Bulk now, lean later! I have a banana in the morning with possible oatmeal (besides my regular protein shake). I have rice cakes throughout the day, and greek yogurt with grapes on occasion. I eat brown rice for lunch and possibly a carb pre and DEFINITELY post workout. I am also lifting HEAVY and burning many calories during a workout. I use the food to FUEL me and my workouts, then feed them after wards to they gain some shape. Once I have “filled” out, whenever I see the most progress, I will start upping my cardio and taking out foods one at a time. It may decreasing a meal in which it has carbs (never on leg day though. Leg days I EAT unless last week post comp).. Whatever it is, the longer I train and pretend to compete I will soon see my abs again..(and I can’t fucking wait). Another huge thing is you may feel uncomfortable, clothes might not feel right, may at times feel “fat”.. Like right now.. I feel bloated as hell and I just feel swollen. Like all over..Every where. lol. But it is what it is. I just have to be patient, and know that the more cardio I end up doing the leaner I will get but in good time. It’s all about calories in versus calories out and being smart about it. I want to see the kind of shape I can put on my legs and I will continue to eat and lift to do so. I think they have some potential.. ok ok.. I think I have some potential 🙂

Definition of potential: existing in possibility : capable of development into actuality.

A little peak into my everyday life… Eating rice cakes sitting in traffic, stoked about leg day.. walking Marley and her being all cute and shit and ending the day with a fantastic dinner grilled by the boy.. Really finished off the night 🙂

Food Log:

Am: Protein shake with fruit probably (Dymatize, Flaxseed and Hemp).
1030: snacked on a rice cake with a few almonds..
Another snack: greek yogurt and 1/2 c grapes..
Late Lunch: chicken “fried” rice..
On my way home (post workout): Applesauce, A few rice cakes and some protein later on after I prepped my meals when I got home..
Post Workout: A slice of Ezekiel with Nuts n More Protein PB and a small banana..
Dinner: MEAT!

See so right now I am not watching what I am eating.. or at least the amount of which I am eating. Once I get closer and closer, like mention previously, that’s when things start getting a bit rough (early morning cardio, no more cheat meals.. you know, the basics! haha)..

Make the most, and Enjoy everyday!

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2 months. That’s all I need. 8 weeks and I will be “show time” ready.

I usually hate putting time frames on crap but this one is for shits and giggles and to see how far I can really push myself.

Right now I am eating..
Carbohydrates: Oatmeal, brown rice, whole wheat pastas and breads and fruits.
Protein: Anything my little heart desires.
Fats: Nuts, Avocado, and some more nuts.

Closer to “show time”, I will reduce my carbohydrate intake and take out fruits completely.
I am currently doing no less than 30 minutes of cardio a day (right now doing 2x a day but that’s because I got all happy for a couple days lol)..
Lifting 6x a week. I split my workouts into body parts. Shoulders, Arms, Chest, Quads, Glutes/Hams, and Back. I try to lift as heavy as I can, when I can.
I am introducing more plyometric work rather then resting.. I’ll be doing “active” resting:

The term “active rest” or “active recovery” applies to training schedules used by athletes.  In the recent past, athletes were encouraged to rest completely after a competition or on a day off.  But newer research shows that engaging in low-intensity exercise during “rest” is better for maintaining fitness levels.  Low-intensity exercise flushes out lactic acid and delivers healing oxygen to the muscles.  Any activity that keeps the target heart rate in the 60 – 65% range is low-intensity exercise.

It’s a great way of burning more calories throughout the work out. It consists of A LOT of jump squats and lunges, burpees and bosu ball and box jumps.

I have been trying to run more but I will save that for a later date. Just been getting really involved with the spin bike but will be spinning, using the stairmaster, and the treadmill (possibly the row machine but not for much.. I get fed up and annoyed and fuck that).
As with my carbohydrates, the closer I get to my goal date, the more cardio I will do. It could be twice a day for up to 60 minutes, depending on how I look throughout this process.
Life Update:

Yesterday (tuesday), made a casein pb and chocolate cake for my pre workout. I think I was possibly craving this.. because I usually don’t have casein that early in the day but no big deal. Headed to the gym around 7:15pm and got straight to doing pull ups. I did a couple sets of these, at least 5. Did bent over rows, back ext, and some basic rows. Finished off with a solid 30 minutes of spin. My legs are really started to hate me, and have been sore forever. I don’t give them that much rest though.. I love working them!

..went to jewel, after my workout. Ate a banana in the car before I walked in though (now I make sure that I have SOMETHING to eat post workout if I know I wont go home right away).. Just shopped around for a few snacks. Here is what the shopping cart looked like:

Pretty light actually. I am super excited about the portable applesauce’s. They only have 2 ingredients (apples and cinnamon) and that’s it. Have you ever noticed that majority of applesauce’s have High Fructose Corn Syrup in them? Literally 4/5 times it has processed bullshit in it. Be careful. Also pretty excited for the ranch dip.. I am going to throw it in some greek yogurt and hoping it comes out well.. this could be a life savor lol… the rest of the stuff is just basics. Eggs, bananas, Ezekiel bread (however I like the english muffins more lol).. and some powerade (I am trying to get rid of my diet coke habit).  I realized that I really do get hungry through out the day.. and if something bad happens or something pisses me off I turn to food (or when the shop smells so fucking good because the boys are eating out), I turn to food. LOL. I fucking love it. All of it (okay no, I’m picky as hell..but seriously the food I like, I LOVE).. much that my boyfriend actually tells me that’s when I am the happiest. Isn’t that something.. He can literally see a difference in me from when i’m doing nothing to when I am eating. Seriously?

However I enjoy my food now, eating healthy makes me happy. I like precooking meals and taking pictures of my snacks for the day. I am a loser in my own little way and I think I found people that accept that. This isn’t just a fad or something I am stoked about for the moment. This is my life and I will work each and every day to better myself and to help people along the way. I have so much that I want to do that I think sitting back and watching it replay in my head has done its job.. its back to business.

Today, Wednesday, I enjoyed a “banana split” protein shake.
Just add chocolate protein powder, flaxseed and ice 🙂
I have with me some greek yogurt and grapes, some almonds and a few rice cakes to snack on. For lunch I have my chicken “fried” rice that I will continue to eat till its all gone lol.. then I will make some dope pasta (possibly tonight for tonights post workout). I should be held over for the entire work day 🙂 I have a few extra carbs in my diet today because I am going hard on my legs tonight (lmao.. I NEEEEED too).. They feel all better but still get super worked up in spin class. I think I might take a few extra minutes and lay in the sauna for a bit. relax and sweat a bit 😉

&& guess the boy is coming over later. I have this thing.. where now I HAVE to work out first, in order for us to hang out lol. We’ll see how this goes 🙂 I just like to spend time with him 🙂 gushyyyyyy bullshit.. but for real. I am going to knock out a FANTASTIC leg work out.. walk on the treadmill for 15 minutes or so then head into the suana and get my ass home.
Ugh.. so not looking forward to legs being sore again.. lol…but I wonder how much I can squat..

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