Giving Thanks.

Finally a post where I have nothing to complain about. Okay well pretty sure I can find something to bitch about but nothing too mood changing. I have been spending a lot of time with family and really putting forth an effort to better myself. I could always be doing more but lets just leave that alone before I get anxious… 😉

Mike met the extended family last night for thanksgiving. He didn’t come for dinner but came shortly after. Everyone was super excited to meet him mostly because I can never stop talking about him. Like here we go.. I have never met a man like him let alone one I can call  mine. He brightens the room up, he puts a smile on my face, he makes me happy like none other, he is truly my gift from God. I am so ecstatic that everyone loves him as much as I do. On the ride home my mom was talking about how different it was when my family met my other boyfriend Dan. It was like night and day and I’m pretty sure everyone could sense it. There’s just something about Mike.. I wish I could explain it better but just know that this is something I pray every day about. Something, someone, I am truly thankful for.

It was nice though, a nice quiet thanksgiving. We all had dinner, digested a bit then played a few games of round robin (a family pastime at EVERY holiday), ate some dessert then took turns playing WII on the big screen downstairs. It was a good time.. a GREAT time interacting and laughing with each other. With everything that has gone wrong in my life, its times like these that make me feel blessed. I have a great loving family and I can’t be more appreciative.

MY family ❤

Dessert ❤

Family Time ❤

I have been eating clean this entire week (yay! go me!) and have been actively going to the gym (again WHOOOHOO!!!). So as I sit here writing this every part of my body is sore. I haven’t been splitting my routine up into body parts like I usually train. Instead I have been doing pretty much full body training. A day or two I wasn’t really feeling it but at-least got my cardio in. I have a little less than 4 weeks for my Fitness Class and really want to pass it with an A. I think I have about 24 more hours to go before I reach an A but its definitely doable. I didn’t go yesterday mostly because Mike and I just laid in bed till 12 but I was exhausted. He left to go spend time with his family and I laid in bed for a little while longer. I had plans to go walk Marley in the Forest Persevere, its about 5.5 miles, with my sister but by the time she declined it was too late for my to go to the gym. So instead I took Marley on a long walk around the neighborhood. We stopped at this jungle gym and Marley had a fun time going up and down the slides. She makes me so happy 🙂 I then got back and had to get ready. I still hadn’t eaten at this time but meh. I knew I would be eating in no time so I just went with the flow. I didn’t eat much even at dinner though (I usually always get seconds!), but definitely had 2 of my moms brownies 🙂 Woke up with a flat tummy so again (omg.),so  nothing to complain about here (for once!.

My plate (minus 2 brownies) 😉

I do however, have things I want to work on. I will continue to work on myself as a person and as my weight is concerned but I want to focus on my relationship with God. I want to work on finding a job where I am appreciated and really start kicking my ass in school. I know that I have a purpose here and I think I am ready to discover it.

Headed to Wisconsin after work with the boy and a couple of his friends. Hopefully eating wont be a problem because I know I won’t be working out like Id like. I did however bring a pair of gym shoes if I get the urge to go for a run. Hey! you never know.

** this post was about giving thanks and although I did say I was thankful for some of the people in my life.. I happened to fail to mention my father and his wife Cathy. I obviously post about my life but not my whole life and I hope one day I will be able to write it in a way that truly depicts what I went through who I went through it with and how it honestly affected me. Until then Ill keep it short. I am truly appreciative of all that you two have done. I know that everything happens for a reason.. things happen just because it can’t  always rainbows and sunshine. I love you two with all of my heart.

*** and now I feel guilty that I didn’t single out MY ONE AND ONLY MOTHER. You know that you are by far my best friend, the true love of my life. We have been through the end of the world and back together and were still as strong as ever. We have come a long way mom but where here where we are for a reason. We may not have much but we have our faith and we will always have our faith. Day in day out mom I am here for you.. well get through this.. in the end, everything will be okay .. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

I’m going to get you some of these mom.. Look at the one in the corner.. DO what you LOVE.. do what you love mom.. you know.

I really am so blessed with EVERYONE in my life.. I have reconnected with people, I have begun new relationships kept ones stronger, lost a few for the better. With everything that I am always going through, these people in my life have made this journey truly what it is..

So thank you.

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