Thursday 11/83 (1/17)

Haven’t updated much because well.. there isn’t much to tell. I have been consistent with my work outs and haven’t skipped one yet. I actually haven’t had a rest day (I know, BAD GIRL!) but it’s because I will be in Wisconsin Saturday and Sunday with no gym time, so that will be rest enough. I actually can’t believe how well I  have been doing, considering I am always tired. Like I mentioned before I think its because I can actually see my progress coming along!

Finally broke my schedule up, instead of doing full body-

Monday: Quads
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Back
Thursday (Today): Hamstrings/Calves.

I have also been consistent with my cardio. Only 30 minutes till the end of the month. After that, I will up it by 15 minutes. Switching off between the stair master and treadmill (on an incline).

Eating has also been terrific. Haven’t been snacking like last week which is also great. But my meals aren’t getting any special so not much to discuss there..

Will update after my boys and I fishing trip, come monday. Have a good weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Thursday 11/83 (1/17)

  1. michelle kim says:

    Sounds like you’re getting into the groove of consistent workouts and eating 🙂
    Oooh not having snacks will definitely help to cut out those little extra calories that add up make big differences in the end!

    • Marissa says:

      Yes they do add up! Sometimes I feel like I need the extra calories but since I am not writing everything down eventually it will hurt me. Thanks for the comment love!

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