Starting at the bottom..

Once again, can’t keep consistent with this thing. I was busy before but now, holyshitballs I am so overwhelmed. Even more so than last time I said I was overwhelmed..

Bombarded with clients, should be a good thing considering I just recently made a switch to a full time personal trainer.. However it has me suuuperr stressed. Trying to make everyone happy while still taking a decent paycheck to pay my bills.. I’m getting get shit, another pay cut. I suppose we all have to start at the bottom somewhere right?

Other than work, which is still exciting while its overwhelming, I am still taking my wellness coaching class. I have about 2-3 weeks left and a paper to write in a week, which I haven’t started.  I need to sit down once my schedule is “normal” and really start prioritizing my life. The only good thing I suppose I have to write about is the fact that I have stayed consistent with my work outs and “diet”. Like legit consistent and it feels amazing. I don’t have much time to think about “cheating” or any excuse NOT to work out.. I mean I work at the friggin gym! Though.. My last gym I was at before I got transferred over here, many guys actually gained weight when they started at the gym. That surprised me alot.. Considering when I am in the gym setting I am INSTANTLY motivated.. It’s like when I see people working out, I want to workout! Give and take, truly finding my balance one day at a time. 

Other than my work and my work out life, things are still going well. Living paycheck to paycheck (nothing new been doing this for quite some time now), which can be stressful but I am Living my life one blessed minute at a time. 3 days ago marked my boos and I “one year” anniversary (It’s been longer actually but we never set a date or even knew when we started dating. We just.. Well did lol). He got off work a little late but we ended up going to jewel and picked up some food to grill with. We love to grill.. We love to eat 🙂 (I’m his little fat kid at heart. We get down).. Then passéd out shortly after because I had to be up at 4:15am. Yes. 4 in the morning to train clients for 3 hours.. And to think I couldn’t get up that early to even to fasted cardio.. I suppose when you’re getting paid its a little easier 😉

I don’t mind it though.. I think ill be doing that for 3days out of the week. It at least let’s me snag some cardio in before 7am which is helping my progress.  I am just excited for things to get rolling.. My schedule is filling up fast which is a good thing for my wallet.. Hopefully I stay on top of things mentally though, because personal training has a high rate of burn outs. I mean I should know.. Back a couple years ago when I first started pt’ing about a year and half in I was just done with everything. I never wanted to work for a business “middle man” again but seem to have missed this life style a little.. Getting paid crap to change people’s lives, depending on those people to show up in general but the most work comes from keeping these clients on track via their workouts. The amount of money I am gettin paid to go above and beyond for my clients (do you have too? No.. But I believe in personal training. I see and know the value an truly want to help these people) is almost insulting, it is still a HUGE passion of mine and I will express that and continue to prove it.

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