2 weeks down, 2 to go!

Not too much to update this week. I had time to blog last night but I really just wanted to lay in bed without a care in the world. I’ve been up too early every day that I am starting to wake up around 6-7 am every morning now. Hmmm… It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if my dog sucked at cuddling… Any who had a good week/end. Stayed consistent with my diet AND my work outs. My wrist has been hurting a little bit so I am staying off it as much as possible (ie. clients carrying weights LOL).. I did 2 spin classes, another 30 min on the treadmill at an incline and an hour bike ride yesterday with Michele.

Bike ride with Michele to Independence Grove

Bike ride with Michele to Independence Grove

Independence Grove in LV

Independence Grove in LV

The boy left for a week long fishing trip Saturday night, so I really want to take this week and focus on me and what I had to do. I went out to dinner with my aunt and uncle Friday night and I now have 5825820 more things going through my head. Hopefully each day, I am one step closer to figuring out what the fuck I want to do with my life. I feel like a 17 year old senior trying to decide a major. Lucky for us, we have all the time in the world to figure out what makes us happy. Because at 17 years old….. I did NOT have the same outlook on life like I do now. At least I haven’t spent thousands of dollars being undecided half way thru college. Now.. I just want to go. I shit myself every time I think that had i just gone away to school or fuck at least STARTED right after high school, that I would be done and holding a degree as I typed this. However, the bright side.. is that I have lived life for a little bit in the real world and I now know have a little more common sense and street smarts to hopefully make better decisions from here on out.

No regrets, just a reason to do things differently this time around..

Speaking of doing things differently..



FInished my weekend off with stuffing my face with those pumpkin chocolate chip muffins from the previous post. Though, I did change a few things up. But hey, they taste great and I saved you hundreds of calories! The original post IS paleo however.

I actually made two batches. One right before I left for Michele’s (brought her and Nina some) and some as soon as I got home from her house. They were THAT good. That, and I wanted to try to make some changes. It called for coconut oil. I THOUGHT I had some, instead I used olive oil (added about 350 calories, in which I originally thought it added over 1000 and I was like NOOOOO!! but I was wrong, thank God. Only 350 calories per batch of 6 muffins). Paleomg.com also called for maple syrup. Yea, pretty sure that’s another 300 calories (1/3c) in which I added zero calorie Walden Farms pancake syrup. MMMM…. This batch I also added 2 and 1/2 tablespoons of brown rice protein powder. THEY WERE GOOD!!!!!

The second batch I omitted the oil completely and added 1/3c unsweetened applesauce. I did the same thing with the maple syrup (I mean come on.. I just saved you like 5-600 calories and a shit ton of sugar in a batch!!!) and protein powder.  My mom liked the first recipe better.. but to be honest I think they both taste fantastic.

Macro breakdown for the SECOND batch made with applesauce:

{Recipe makes 6 muffins}
Calories: 177
Carbs: 17.3g
Fat: 4.1g
Protein: 13.3g
Sugar: 1.1g

*also had 42g of fiber. So 7g of fiber per muffin. Maybe next batch I’ll add flaxseed.

Other than that I am just hanging out about to get ready for a client then a killer leg work out with my girl. Mixing this blog post with a photo hoarder post. That’s all for now! Enjoy.

@mankofit FLAWLESS physique

@mankofit FLAWLESS physique





Doesn't need anymore explanation.

Doesn’t need anymore explanation.

Neither does this one and yet I am still trying to find a balance between eating clean and allowing my body to eat like shit, feel like shit for a few seconds of pure bliss.

Neither does this one and yet I am still trying to find a balance between eating clean and allowing my body to eat like shit, feel like shit for a few seconds of pure bliss.

Another physique. Different than the previous one, but still A M A Z I N G!

Another physique. Different than the previous one, but still A M A Z I N G!

* Title of this post is in relation to the 4 week no cheat challenge I have going on with a few friends. One month of no cheats, that’s it. All healthy wholesome foods. It’s only 4 cheat meals were missing out on. With a few good recipes like that Pumpkin CC, and I could go my whole life-like this 😉

Except if someone offered pizza. Sorry.. no whole wheat crust could satisfy what an oil filled mess restaurants sure could.. 😛

** NONE of these pictures are mine unless stated otherwise. I usually edit the pictures when I screen shoot (lol) it but figured if I ever forget to label or give credit to someone, hopefully the picture will have already done that.


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  1. Been looking into paleo lifestyle. Great post

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