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It’s been a while, nothing new apparently..

Justine and I started tracking our macros and its been quite overwhelming… I have been planning each and every meal and its been quite the tedious work over here..  BUT!!!!! I am SUPER excited. If I’ve mentioned the road to ripped before, forget all that mumbojumob… this is where it’s at! I have never felt so prepared and excited over contest prep before… I think it’s because I like how I look (and can PICK HEAVY ASS SHIT UP!) however, “I’m about to tear it up now…” (Rob Bailey you da best) and become the leanest I have ever been. I will not fail myself this time. I will not disappoint, more importantly, I. Will. Not. Give. Up.

Some of my meal prepping..

Some of my meal prepping.. * After posting, I realize most of these meals were on my low carb days. Keep that in mind. I have many carbs later in the week.

My lunch box.. haha.. some gucaomole chicken, eggs.. ew..

My lunch box.. haha.. some gucaomole chicken, eggs.. ew..

Once I switched bacon for my egg and I never looked back.. ;)

Once I switched bacon for my egg and I never looked back.. 😉

This is my meal plan. DO NOT follow unless you are a 147lb 5'6 @22% BF, female looking to get down to 14% body fat.. It wont work! Nor is this anything to play around with.. This macro thing is overwhelming at times. ASK FOR HELP!

This is my meal plan. DO NOT follow unless you are a 147lb 5’6 @22% BF, female looking to get down to 14% body fat.. It wont work! Nor is this anything to play around with.. This macro thing is overwhelming at times. ASK FOR HELP!

It seems that ever since I started training at LA, I have met and become good friends with some really good people (met more weirdos though…). We have become each others support systems when it seems like “outsiders” wouldn’t.. We become not only our own motivation, but each others as well.. and I can’t fathom it any other way..

Relationships have taken their tolls, short days have turned into long ones, work outs have become a get a way and our body seen as a temple. The more we work and work together, the more we are accomplishing each and every day. Though for some, it doesn’t seem that way but that’s all part of trusting the process… that one day.. through committment, consistency and dedication, that one day we too will be masters of our domain. That we will not be stopped. That whatever we may do, come in contact with , or face will be nothing short of a mental victory for us. We are battling each and every day and we will continue to battle each and every day. Some days it’s against the world, others it’s against ourselves, which ever may be the case it won’t matter, because at the end of it all, we will be victorious.

I have really good vibes about 2014. Not only is 14 my favorite number, but I am ready to take my life by the horns and finally do something with it. Instead, I’ve just kinda sat here.. and wished.. sometimes even prayed for something to give.. my life to be easier.. idk fuck… just something! But today, I sit here.. okay like half ass sitting, writing this.. realizing that I need to create my worth! (thanks again FNF ;P ), that sitting here hoping for something is just as relevant as standing in the rain hoping to stay dry.. I mean… you could.. if you had an umbrella.. or something to stand under.. so… I want hard work and persistence (maybe even a little confidence but that is still currently being worked on) to be my “umbrella”! Alright, that may be a weird ass metaphor but the point I am trying to make is that, dreaming about something isn’t good enough, you need to do everything in your power to make that dream come true. Stop wishing, start doing.

Recent progress. I ate a lot of oreos so.... I am happy. lol. This was also the start of prep.

Recent progress. I ate a lot of oreos so…. I am happy. lol. This was also the start of prep.

I do feel kinda tiny in this pic.. BUT I am THEEEE strongest I have ever been!

I do feel kinda tiny in this pic.. BUT I am THEEEE strongest I have ever been!

Weekend update:

What day is today.. ? I have been messing up all my days lately. Saturday.. High carb day.. how could I forget with my meal being in an hour or so… oatmeal with an apple.. mmm and cinnamon.. mm and flaxseed.. because I need the fiber.. lol. So far, this first week was good. The counting weighing and all that mumbo jumbo is a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it.. I mean.. hopefully.. lol.



I have yet to take off or have a rest day and I want one. I know I will feel lonely and bored the whole day, but my body aches, and I have put it through some tough shit this week. I was able to rep out 40’s on a shoulder press being my last set. Chest on Friday I nearly died but I benched 115 after 4 or 5 working sets.. MEANING I AM ABLE TO THROW 45’S ON EACH SIDE FOR REPPPPPSSSSS!!!!! That was a goal of mine and I am so stoked..

My goals for 2014 are:
To complete pistol squats (Full ROM- BOTH LEGS!!!!).
20 Pull ups in a row.
10 Wide Grip Pull Ups in a row.
Deadlift over 250+
Inquire about power lifting/ bikini competitions

I think that’s it for now. I mean the list was sporadic so I may go back and edit them in.

So, today. Get to work at 930am after deciding to ditch spin class. After my first client, I trained with Todd for about 45 minutes. Throwing boxing into the mix has been a nice spice to the routine… After that I trained shoulders with Eric and he put me through a CRAZY ass shoulder work out. I was just about to get started working out when he came up and struck up a conversation.. Long story short I asked him what he was training, he said shoulders and I was like HELL YEA! It is always nice to train with someone else. The different switch in the routine is so enticing… He is actually the  guy I replaced here at AL lol.. Hes a cool guy. I originally didn’t find him very pleasing (nor did I know who he was at the time) because I saw him leg press a shit ton.. and I mean a shit ton of 45’s and walk away from the entire thing.. I mean leave like 2 or 3 on each side (you know.. to motivate people LOL)… but come on…… that’s how I figure I hurt my wrist. Unloading so many damn 45’s from yall bodybuildAH’s.

Kidding.. of course.

Anyways after that I had one more client. After stuffing all my needed meals in at their desired times.. Harpreet Rosa and Cylia met up at AL with Justine and I and we all went to Fit Nation and signed up for the 7 day guest pass. This place is nice.. I think I may do a photo dump post so I will save some of the pictures for then.. That and because I am super lazy and uploading pictures on this damn thing is always so damn difficult. Anyways.. I worked out a little, trying out the Jacobs Ladder. Hit a little chest/back.. then headed home to eat meal #3 lol.. I am just excited about carbs.. I mean let me.. tomorrow and the following 5 days all I really get is fat (yes, protein but I’m sick of protein.. all of IIITTT!!!!!! <— and to think its only been a week of this!!! lol).

I’m about to relax and anticipate my cinnamon apple oatmeal I am about to demolish in a second.. Tomorrow might be a late night work out with the crew.. although I want to rest..We may end up opening up the gym tomorrow night and running shit. Gym all to ourselves… music blasting.. mmmmmm

Zombie mentality, work past dead.

The ever so beautiful, Dana L. Bailey!

The ever so beautiful, Dana L. Bailey!


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“Most importantly clear your mind and focus on the one goal that you’ve set out to accomplish. Never let anything or anyone distract you from pressing onward. Become confident in everything. Giving back always. Grounded through all things, and stern through all trials”

– Ashley Horner

My head was all over the place.. but I am looking forward to looking back on all this.


photo 2

photo 3

I got pinched the other day. I am currently 147lbs and 22% BF (5’6). We are looking to add about 10 lbs more muscle all the while shooting for 15%. So.. exciting right.. next summer I’LL LOOK SIIIIIIICK! haha…. :/ But that’s okay… most people put on weight then spend summer trying to take it off. No logic in that. Well… that or they starve eat egg whites and do cardio every day. Sounds super fun to me.

I am a little disappointed but excited that I am going to continue and keep reach different goals of mine. I am definitely the strongest I have ever been and I feel super accomplished about that. The next few things I want to work on are 20 pull ups in a row, hand stand push ups and to be able to so a pistol squat on my left leg. L O L.

Going to keep my head up and not let petty shit get in my way of becoming someone I never thought I could be. I am so looking forward to this next journey. Or pit stop.. you know.. in this whole road to ripped kinda theme….

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Procrastination Post.

Figured I would take this time to reflect. One because I usually do on Sundays and two because things are either about to get a lot better or a lot worse. My boyfriend broke up with me today. Okay maybe he didn’t but long story short, we should have a long time ago. He wanted to talk about it, I simply want to wake away liking him as an amazing person that he is rather someone I despise. Who knows but after this post, I am going to bed. My head hurts and I honestly was going to go out and eat a “cheat meal” aka emotional binge and validating it like a boss. But I didn’t. And I am glad that I didn’t. I had an amazing leg work out, 30 minutes of incline walking, and 2 games of basketball in which I can hardly move. It may be a combination of a ridiculous work out and me taking out 2 guys during a game of basketball. Awkward. yet So badass. My battle wounds are getting better day by day. Lol.. kidding.. but seriously let me enjoy it because I could barely walk up and down the stairs yesterday..

You should see how bad it is now.. lol

You should see how bad it is now.. lol

Workouts have been on point and so was eating. I ended the four-week no cheat and felt like shit doing it. I don’t know. Thinking going lighter.. or at least find a way I feel less guilty about it. Anyways. Not unhappy at all. My body is definitely making progress and I am super stoked. I just need to stay consistent. It is literally key.

Yesterdays leg work out, which I was not excited to find out they were doing legs when I walked in. They were literally mid hack squat and me almost not making the work out, realized I would not have been unhappy if I did. Lol. But it was awesome. I felt (or didn’t feel lol) things I havent felt in a while. Justine had to literally extend a hand to help me off. It was crazy, exhilarating and hurt so damn bad. But good. ya know? ;p My legs were numb. H actually checked my legs out to make sure I didn’t tear anything. Crazy. Lol.. And to think that was JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE WORKOUT@!!!!!! Anyways we did some leg curls ext jefferson squats which are just annoying.. and finished with jumps squats I believe. It was insane. I chilled for a bit and went to chipotle. I ordered food and yet I was not hungry. I felt like I wanted to puke smelling everything. I ended up enjoying the water more than anything.. So I saved 1/2 of it and drank some Gatorade. I finished with clients, did 30 minutes of incline walking with Cylia and late at night played 2 games of basketball after Todd asked H but he declined. After first so did I but after they played a game he got me to play. It was nuts. My legs hurt so bad. We won. That is all.


I am slowing getting better. Going to lift back tomorrow which I am actually quite happy about. I want to post some progress ISH pictures. Mostly because in this picture I finally went under 150lbs! It was about damn time. Lol. Not that I care but it was a little small hooray type ordeal.

just chillen in the chipotle bathroom! 147lbs!

just chillen in the chipotle bathroom! 147lbs!

photo 1


Wednesday: Clearly I haven’t found enough time to get to a wifi connection to post this. I have friday off so I will edit and post. I let this whole break up ruin my work out today. Then I ate some oreos. I realized that I take care of everyone before myself. I am 50% sure I want this break up. I validate binging and eating like shit on any bad situation. enjoy in the time, then hate myself not for eating it because I clearly loved it but hate that I am either behind now on how I want to look or I have more work to do. Knowing that I set myself back is the only reason I feel guilty about eating crap food. MMMMMMM I dont know. I feel sad.

#Americanhorrostory brb ;P

Thursday: Passed out after AHS. I love this show. Slept in, rescheduled the two clients I had. My body hurts, my head hurts, my heart hurts. I’ve been crying lately. Speaking of crying.. I was on facebook.. yep reactivated it.. and it was a series of photos that this husband took of his wife while going thru cancer. It was so touching. So sad, but the very last picture was her tombstone that read “I loved it all”, and as I am sitting here hurting over a hard lesson of a break up and this women was battling cancer and still loved life. I instantly was wiping tears from my face and really needed to take some time to reflect on all of this.

I will not allow it to succumb me. You can either crumble or you can conquer and conquer I sure as fuck will.

photo 3

NPC Ironman Bikini

Pictures from The NPC Ironman I saw this weekend.

Pictures from The NPC Ironman I saw this weekend.

photo 4

Top 3 Physique

Cylia getting teased with Nutella 2 weeks out!

Cylia getting teased with Nutella 2 weeks out!

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