My point is this..

My body has changed and the stronger I get, the more it will continue to change. And surprise, I am also a women. I could be the damn near sexiest chick in the world, and still wake up some mornings and hate what I see in the mirror. No matter how many inspirational mantras I tell myself, there will still be days where I struggle. There will always be days that I feel like a busted can of biscuits. That being said, its really time to start accepting my body and the way clothing fits. 


2 thoughts on “My point is this..

  1. Jerry Gentry says:

    No sage advise from me. The fact that you are asking the questions and digging for the answers is a very positive thing. It never ends, that search for being a better you. Sometimes you have to change the context or perspective to come up with the right answer. I hope you and your body have many decades of questioning ahead of you. You are a good person, that is what really matters.

    Happy New Year! Let’s keep each other on a healthy path – physical and mental.


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