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Some days, it has to be about you.

Physically this is easy, mentally.. No one can prepare you for that. Picking up weights, following a “diet”.. Weighing your food, popping pill after pill.. That shit.. That shits easy. You can follow any “cookie cutter” routine you’d like written by any top dog in the industry.. Shits science. What they don’t tell you, is how insane the trip could be ( that is if you’re serious not just having a PT/coach because it sounds cool. Not to just lose a few pounds. I’m talking life changing goals outside of any comfort zone you have ever allowed yourself to be in). It takes consistency, even on your worse days. It takes dedication, even when you fail to see the destination. They don’t tell you that at your lowest low you might actually find yourself. This journey isn’t just about fitness. This journey is about being well, in every aspect of your life. You will see how working on yourself, gives you a whole new meaning. 

This photo was taken 2 days ago and I can’t stop starring. Call me vain, but I am just incredibly proud. I’m actually sitting up in the picture and was amazed at the photo I ended up taking. You see, I have tons of girls photos saved on my phone (I’d give a guy a run for his money), and use them as motivation for the day week month or even minute.. but it wasn’t until I took this picture did I ever think “that’s me?” ..Me? Somehow through all of this, I found my motivation, ME!

Now, even though life has still got me on my tippy toes, I haven’t lost sight of the end goal. I started school full time and work is picking back up, but everyday I find a way to improve myself. Whether it be this blog post or an extra push up I didn’t want to do but did, I am giving this my all because 

I lost myself a long time ago, and this journey to finding her, might just save my life.

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