Not for nothing.

I’m going to start documenting more of my daily experiences. I feel like so much goes on through out my day that most of it is worth noting.

Like how whenever I step foot into an –fitness, I am stopped quite frequently. I haven’t been to the Waukegan location in a while because of relationship issues, but more so because I was told I had to pick one location. Why they would risk my clients being upset, is beyond me but very like this company. It’s me who isn’t benefiting from working multiple locations. Time, gas, money.. I mean, I get paid $6 (before this “big time” promotion. Yes you read that right), me going to Waukegan to train, doesn’t make much sense. But I do it, why? Because my clients truly are everything. 

So when I visit these locations, an hour and half early to squeeze a workout in, I get stopped a lot. Out of the 90 minutes I had to myself, atleast 45 of those were used to talk to members, answer questions, bring them up to speed with my life or help them with theirs… Some of them geniunely care about my well being and that, THAT is why I do this. Shit pay, living pay check to pay check while I park my car that’s breaking down daily next to the sports cars of these sales guys. These “general managers” have it pretty nice doing nothing while they leave for the day in a brand new car. I barely get time to eat or go the bathroom because I’m booked back to back, yet anyone else gets to leave whenever, put their feet up while they play FarmVille or some other addicting game they’re wasting their time on. I have zero incentive to work here. Took a huge pay cut, I have no insurance, and the company could give a shit about me. It’s disheartening, to say the least. 

So when I have random members compliment me on the work that I’m doing, although it doesn’t pay the bills, it does more for me than money ever will. Take today for example, before I even finished my workout I had 4 members walk up and start conversations. Some about where I’ve been, other complimenting how “good I look”.. But the ones that truly stick with me are the ones that see me and my clients working together. “I’ve been watching you, you are a great trainer”, “this club needs more people like you”.. Those comments (the acknowledgement), make the shitty pay and long hours so worth it. One day this will all make sense. 

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