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“Most importantly clear your mind and focus on the one goal that you’ve set out to accomplish. Never let anything or anyone distract you from pressing onward. Become confident in everything. Giving back always. Grounded through all things, and stern through all trials”

– Ashley Horner Bodybuilding.com

My head was all over the place.. but I am looking forward to looking back on all this.


photo 2

photo 3

I got pinched the other day. I am currently 147lbs and 22% BF (5’6). We are looking to add about 10 lbs more muscle all the while shooting for 15%. So.. exciting right.. next summer I’LL LOOK SIIIIIIICK! haha…. :/ But that’s okay… most people put on weight then spend summer trying to take it off. No logic in that. Well… that or they starve eat egg whites and do cardio every day. Sounds super fun to me.

I am a little disappointed but excited that I am going to continue and keep reach different goals of mine. I am definitely the strongest I have ever been and I feel super accomplished about that. The next few things I want to work on are 20 pull ups in a row, hand stand push ups and to be able to so a pistol squat on my left leg. L O L.

Going to keep my head up and not let petty shit get in my way of becoming someone I never thought I could be. I am so looking forward to this next journey. Or pit stop.. you know.. in this whole road to ripped kinda theme….

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Hump Day Photo Hoarder PII

Lets start with some bad ass motivation!

Lets start with some bad ass motivation!



“Once upon a time, I started working hard to get the results I wanted. But I still fuck up lots.”

photo 4




I’ve been thinking a lot about guilt lately. Food guilt, not working out guilt, not doing ENOUGH in a work out guilt.

I’ve come a long way from how I use to think about food. As a reward, as a punishment, as a sacrifice to be made. It happened fairly gradually but I made a conscious decision to CHANGE MY PERSPECTIVE. You’ve heard it before food is fuel to feed the beast. I KNOW this. I know I work hard and that I’m eating food. Food that my body needs almost all of the time.

I had my cheat meal last night that I allow myself once a week for sanitys sake. If was absolutely, fantastically delicious and I enjoyed every bite. But you know what else it came with? A little side of guilt. Still? Grrr. So I acknowledged it and sent it the hell away. I don’t have the room in my brain or the time in my life to waste it on that shit.

Before I mightve let that guilty feeling drown me in a pile of Ferrero Roche for the next two days.. .Now I put Ferrero Roche on my list for next weeks cheat.

Look at how random and handsome Bob is. We are babysitting him :)

Look at how random and handsome Bob is. We are babysitting him 🙂

SICK transformation. I love reminding myself with pictures like this, that if they could do it, why couldnt I?

SICK transformation. I love reminding myself with pictures like this, that if they could do it, why couldn’t I? I LACK CONSISTENCY!!!!!!!!!!!


photo 3 copy

Ashley Horner. Her legs make me nervous.

So, here are a few photos I have saved that should be shared. I have a love hate relationship with motivational pictures, believe it or not but I can sure as HELL appreciate a beautiful body. Ive been hanging in there. 3 days of the clean eating challenge, down successfully. Score. Slowly working my way back up with weights considering my wrist feels like a new born babys lack of support.

I dont know..  makin me nerrrvous. :/

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