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8:00am Protein Shake like usual (myofusion, flax,fiber,strawberries and ice)- YES it IS the same thing I have been eating day to day for breakfast, and NO I do not get sick of it. If I was sick of it Id change it ūüėČ Feel free to change it up. I just don’t have any time in the mornings, (besides fri sat sun) to make a full meal..

Still feel uncomfortable in clothing which is usually tight. yeah my muffin top is probably showing lol. omggggg. I feel so disgusting. but I have to push thru, these are the thoughts I get and I know others do as well.. Its like off season you gain weight, should be healthy weight, but no not for marissa (I AM THE ONLY ONE TO BLAME FOR THIS, and maybe a broken heart).. well anyways it TAKES TIME! it will not happen over night BELIEVE ME!. So please just keep going, think positive, and know theres only better days to come. I am however skipping my cheat meal this weekend because of how disgusted I am with myself. **Cheat meals will be discussed this weekend** Just concentrate eating HEALTHY, concentrate on today not tomorrow, not what you did yesterday..¬† on a lighter note.. you should of saw what I ate the last day, I looked prego. I wont sugarcoat anything I LOVE SWEETS. Desserts. brownies. ANYTHING cake. DOUGHNUTS. anything with frosting.. lol TWIX bars (lol nikki…cheddaaaah…everyone that knows me).. kit kats, snickers..I could keep going but Ill probably sound like a fucking weirdo. and thats because you havent seen my phone lol. I have food porn FERSURE. sometimes it helps sometimes it works against you… (**These cravings usually happen VERY badly during the last 4 weeks of contest prep**) Anyways I’m fine. Cravings for a cig are SLOWWWWLYYYYY leaving.. I’m chewing a lot more gum and keeping a liquid on me at all times.

It’s 9:40am and I just got to work. I’m posting of pic and TRYING to post a video of the accident this morning. It took me 50 minutes to go 10 miles. And to think I was actually going to be on time today (well I always am but I mean 15 or more minutes lol). I did get up early and finish my day 3 blog oops =D. I got home late had every intention of doing so, then apple had to download something and it was taking forever so I feel asleep…. at 1:45am!. For all of you who DON’T know me.. I’m in bed by 10pm or at least finishing up work on the computer and IN bed. You’ll notice I don’t go out much and that’s because there are too many distractions especially during contest prep.. besides I have too much going on anyways.. sat and sun are my days to get a great workout in without worrying about time..I also cook all my food for the week on sunday and any “special” recipes as well. I do my errands and do any laundry or cleaning that needs to be done. Mon-fri Im at work for 10 hours I go to school mondays and wednesdays and work out an hour to an hour and half, and that’s just because i’m STARTING contest prep.. You’ll see how RIDIC training gets when the days start lessening. 5am cardio sessions followed by a night workout as well ext So being hungover isn’t an option.. the calories aren’t worth it.. Like I always say when it comes to drinking I rather have a cupcake then a couple beers lol (and we all know I cant have 1 cupcake, so I don’t do either haha) .. lol..

At about 12ish I had a stuffed tomato my mom made me last night, (she made 2 but Ill space them out bc they are made with mayo, but idc its LEG DAY TODAY) and I got a banana at the gas station (yes the banana was eaten in “pm” hours which I say eat your fruits in the “am” but It looked good, I have legs today, and I dont think Ill put a restriction on healthy foods right now. A month before my last show I was scared to even eat carrots because of the carbs in them. EAT HEALTHY FOOD. CASE AND POINT! You will develop ISSUES, if you dont allow yourself to eat, especially if its good for you).

3pm– I have another blackened chicken breast I got from whole foods. (DELISHHHHHHHHHHH). Pretty hungry after my chicken ūüė¶ I have another tomato I might eat.

Leg Day I usually focus on SQUATS LUNGES and DEADLIFTS

5pm-6pm Sit in traffic for an hour. Get home walk marley, eat, finish up homework or just chill. Wait for my mom to get home (so she can watch Marley).¬†I’d really want sweet potatoes or oatmeal before legs but I may just make a shake and go to the grocery store after but gym. Taking¬†NINJA¬†(pre workout)- Currently waiting for my mom, its 6:51 and Marley is passed out on my shoulder. Figured I needed to clean my blog up a bit, I’m starting to get a few followers (:

7pm – 10pm Hopefully I can lift HEAVY (always lift heavy*), and I have a goal of min. 100 squats tonight. I WONT do cardio because I will only be doing the stair master and I don’t do the stair master after a leg workout (hence the plyo work in lift session)¬†I’ll finish with a protein shake and head to bed at about 10pm. (Taking a shower tomorrow am bc I get to go into work an hour later on fridays). I will post a “mock” leg workout of what I usually do. Please GOOGLE anything you don’t understand (which machines, exercises ext. I can explain as best as I can but it would be better to watch a video or something instructional ).

              The Squat:

  • Stand up with your feet shoulder-width apart, feet pointing out slightly.
  • Place your hands on your shoulders. Depending on your strength you can include weights. See below.
  • Lower your body slowly while leaning your buttocks behind you as though you were about to sit. Bend your knees and move down until your hips are just below knee height.
  • Move back up slowly.
  • Keep your back arched up and your head up looking straight ahead.

Lunges: with/without dumbbells ( are excellent leg workouts because you do not need a spotter.  You can really concentrate on each leg as you do them separately).

  • Stand with your feet together and I usually have a light dumbell in each hand.
  • Lunge forward with your left leg until your left leg is 90 degrees and back knee almost touches the ground.
  • Keep your upper body straight without leaning forward
  • Keep your left knee over your left ankle and your weight firmly on the heel of your foot
  • Return to your starting position and repeat switching sides

Leg Curls:

  • Load up and sit on the bench wedging your ankles under the pads.
  • Slowly bring your legs up straight in front of you and hold.
  • Control the weight on the way back down.
  • Repeat as you can, not much risk of injury here.


  • Stand with the bar above the center of your feet – your stance should be a bit more narrow than shoulder-width to give your arms room.
  • Grab the bar overhand¬†so your arms are vertical to the floor – if your hamstrings are tight, do Squat 2 stands to boost your hip flexibility.
  • Bend through your knees until your shins hit the bar which must remain above the middle of your feet. Shoulder-blades directly over the bar.
  • Lift your chest but don’t squeeze your shoulder-blades like on Squats. Just put your shoulders back & down, head inline with rest of your spine.
  • Pull – keep the bar close to your body, roll it over your knees and thighs until your hips and knees are locked. Do not lean back at the top.

Leg Workouts Conclusion:

  • Perform¬†leg workouts¬†slowly and in a controlled way.
  • Leg¬†exercises can be done without weights.¬† Form is more important and explosion on each set is more important.
  • Your legs, thighs and calves can take a lot of work.¬† Do not be afraid of being sore after your leg workouts.
  • http://www.leg-workouts.com/
Miss Fit Clothing ‚̧

Function of the Leg Muscles

The upper legs are a large and complex group of muscles, which are interconnected with the knee and hip joints. This high level of complexity is necessary for all of the movement done using with the lower body muscles…

…We can move and rotate our legs and pelvis in any direction, and through a large range of motion. Thus we have the ability (or potential ability) for diverse movements such as squats, running, doing the splits, performing acrobatics, hula dancing and more.

Quadriceps (AKA “Quads”)

The quadriceps are the prominent leg muscles that make up the front of your thigh. The quads’ most essential role is knee extension, which entails straightening your leg from a bent-leg position. Jumping is a perfect example of knee extension.

It’s secondary purpose is hip flexion, which refers to the movement of bringing your thighs or knees towards your chest. A hip flexion example is the knee-ing strike perfomed in MMA.

Hamstrings (AKA “Hams” or “Hammies”)

The hamstring muscle group makes up the back of the thigh. The functions of these leg muscles are the exact opposite of those of the quadriceps. Their primary hamstrings role is knee flexion, which is characterized by curling your leg backward as if you’re trying to kick your ass with your heel.

The second basic funtion of the hamstring muscle group is hip extension. This is most easily displayed by the “pelvic thrust” motion [Insert your own joke here].

Glutes/Gluteal Muscles (AKA “Butt,” etc…)

The gluteal muscles include the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. The glutes are powerful muscles, whose role is hip extension and adduction. As explained directly above, hip extension is characterized by either moving your hips forwards, or bringing your leg backwards.

Abduction constitutes sideways motion of moving your leg away from your body. This can be experienced when performing an outward sweeping motion with one of your legs.

Hip Abductors (AKA “Outter Thighs”)

The hip abductors are located on the outter thigh area of your leg muscle. And as you might have guessed, this muscle group’s function is abduction – in conjunction with the glutes (see above).

Hip Adductors (AKA “Inner Thighs”)

The hip adductors are to hip abductors as the quads are to the hams; they are essentially opposites. While the abductors work to move the leg outward, the abductors work to bring the leg inwards. Also known as the inner thighs, the easiest way to “feel” your adductors working is by squeezing your legs together and flexing.

Hip Flexors

The hip flexors are a group of muscles in the upper-thigh to frontal-hip area. Their name gives away their purpose: hip flexion. As explained in the quadriceps subsection, hip flexion is demonstrated by lifting your knee or leg up towards your chest (or lowering chest towards legs).

People who do too much sitting (i.e. most people in developed nations) have flexibility or pain issues due to shortened and inflexible hip flexors. The solution? The short answer is to stretch the hip flexors more and take breaks when sitting for long periods.


The Best Leg Exercises

Top 5 Leg Exercises. Here’s my top 5 pick for the most effective leg exercises:

  1. Squats

  2. Deadlifts

  3. Dumbbell Lunges

  4. Step Ups

  5. Leg Press

I love doing legs and I will not post my reps or sets because I personally get discouraged when I cant hit my best or someone elses best. I usually just go to failure, or switch up the sets ext ext whatever you can do to make your gym experience better, Id advise you to do it. Ive cried at the leg press machine and walked out of gyms many times.. It’s all mental, here on out.

OH && if you want a good website to give you workouts check out: http://www.divine.ca/en/health/exercise-finder/c_266/

^ Found the website off PINTEREST (myotheraddiction). Follow me: shititsmar

Oh you may also realize that I didn’t work out yesterday, I would perfer everyone work out ATLEAST 30 min miniumum per day.. Once it gets closer I will workout in the am on mondays and wednesdays (before class).. but I’m not trying to consume my schedule with too much right now.. I’m still¬† more then 12 weeks out.. But my break down for lifting goes as follows:

  • Monday: Legs
  • Tuesday: Shoulders
  • Wednesday: OFF (for now)
  • Thursday: Back
  • Friday: Legs w calves
  • Saturday: Arms
  • Sunday: Cardio/Plyo.

Take one day off COMPLETELY, so your body can grow. ITS OKAY! and remember a MINIMUM of 30 min cardio/activity everyday.

I will also start posting progress pictures, but I’m have a difficulty doing it the way I want.. So bare with me.. You should be taking pictures too, it will track progress that you wont see on the scale.**

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