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Don’t judge me because I sin differently than you.

I have recently gotten a huge hit of negative comments via Facebook and instagram. Since I am currently on a 30 day “time out” from Facebook and instagram is down at the moment, I decided to rant here. What better way to do so, eh?

I have always hated my body. I have always hated my nose, my teeth, my hips, and the bags under my eyes. I have had eating disorders ranging from anorexic to bulimia, ever since I could remember. I have lived this way for 23 years. Do you POSSIBLY think that your negative comments could hurt me? Trust me, I can belittle myself better than anyone could possibly imagine. Now this isn’t a pity party or a post for sympathy. I am simply trying to make it aware that judging someone or someones life/morals/values doesn’t say anything about the person you’re referring to, rather yourself. Who are you to judge the life I live?

Yes, my Facebook, instragram, and twitter are filled with provocative pictures and vulgar statements.. regardless I know who I am and (besides the things I can’t change at the moment) I LOVE who I am. I love the things I stand for and believe in. I do not CRAVE attention but yes I know that posting these pictures will receive it. I have never liked who I am, or the body/face I was given but posting these pictures, obviously means I am some what proud.

I swear like a mother fucker, and am very opinionated. There are things I am working on changing but who I am, is who I want to be. I have been called EVERY name in the book, been talked about behind my back, and even been posted on TheDirty.. Does it seem like I am slowing down?

Fuck no.



Day 24 whatthefuck

Everything just deleted and I couldn’t get it back

730 protein shake
930 lara bar
130 Chicken Breast
430 Turkey Fajitas Potatoes Broccoli
610 Chicken Breast
730 Justins Almond Butter
800 Chicken Breast
900 Leg work out
1000 Protein shake

going to bed.

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