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Eat, pray, lift!

Going to be short and sweet today!

Got home around 11pm last night from watching The Conjuring (don’t see btw) and ate a quest bar before bed (besides all the carrots I ate at the movies, LOL)! I was still hungry and lazy, don’t judge!

- 4 whole eggs - 3 slices turkey bacon - some cheddar cheese

– 1 whole wheat wrap
– 4 whole eggs
– 3 slices turkey bacon
– some cheddar cheese

Woke up around 5am, got out of bed around 530am. Ate another quest bar on the way to work and trained 4 people. Ate a banana on the way home and slept till around 11am when the boy had to leave. I got up and made breakfast but knowing what time it was already, I really didn’t think I would make a work out around 12 because I still had to cook food for the day, so I slept some more. Which including me dreaming about cinnamon toast crunch.

I love sleep.

Got up around 2:30pm and made my food for the day. It was a short day, so all I made was chicken, broccoli and got a container of cottage cheese ready. I ate a whole wheat pita with 1/2 PB in the process.

3:30pm I left for work.4-8:30pm Had clients straight through. Except a cancellation at 5:30, so I went to GNC to buy……..Quest Bars. You guessed it!

9pm Got home and talked with the madre for a bit then around 10pm I did an at home work out:

10 25lb Kettlebell Swings
10 25lb Single Arm Shoulder Press’
10 12lb Lateral Raises
10 25lb Single Arm Upright Rows
10 Body Weight Walk Outs

5x about 60 sec rest in between.Burning just under 200 calories in 23 minutes.

Wasn’t a bad work out. I couldn’t think of missing another work out even if it wasn’t as long as I normally would train, it was still something! Walked downstairs to hydrate while my mom was asking wtf I was doing. “Working out mom!” Her- how many times do you work out? LOL well.. that’s a good sign, if I do say so myself!

Here is a current progress picture I took post the shoulder work out today:

photo 3

Definitely working hard on my arms. Training them differently than I ever have and I think I’m making a difference! Def my weakest part of my body but I am one determined girl!

Overall a pretty good day. Short, but hey! Sometimes it’s not always a bad thing (except when I get my paycheck). Tomorrow my day starts around 10am with (I know what will beeee) an amazing LEG work out, starting around noon!

Wish me LUCK!!

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