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Day 27 randomly ranting

***** Sorry for the random posts! WP is going crazy on me, and is publishing things I don’t want to be published yet. My apologies!!!! This blog isn’t done yet…………..

Guys, if you want big legs you have got to squat. Girls, if you wanta shelf like, bangin’ ass you have got to squat. For the first few years of your training you should squat, squat and squat some more. Everyone’s goal should be to squat double bodyweight, at least. And I’m talking about real, full squats, at least to parallel.

Can you tell its Leg day today?

Should be after I ate 6 cookies last night. wtf? then my mom came in my room and asked if I had taken them, and I said yes. She asked what I did with them I said throw them out. I lied. She knew. She then saw the box on the end of the bed. UGH. I asked her, Im like WHAT ARE U TRYING TO DO MOM>>!>>!?!?!?

She said I need to figure out why Im doing this. and QUITE frankly. its BECAUSE I FUCKING SMOKE POT. THAT and because I was bored and have my period. I don’t know what else to say. I Had a perfectly fine day… I ate good all day. So I dk exactly what was a trigger, but the more that I think about it and try to solve it the more that it feels like a problem to me.

and I don’t want it to be a problem anymore.

I want to get past it. So thats what I plan on fucking doing.

So I will accept the fact that I ate 6 cookies last night and I will move on today without a care in the world.
I will also NOT do extra cardio to make up for the extra calories.

(Besides I did go a whole month without a cheat meal, usually id get 4 a month, lol but enough with the validation).

939am heading down stairs to make a meal. don’t know what though. Gonna hit legs at about noon.

1047am Had the last of my myofusion protein powder with super blend and coconut milk (a wonderful item I got at WF last night). I got my chicken breasts, coconut and almond milk. Edamame. Flaxseed Chips (pizza flavor), Kale Chips (DIS FUCKING GUSTING), and these 8 fucking dollar cookies that AGAIN TASTED AWFUL. ol. well 😦

and then I sat and talked with my mom for a little bit regarding addiction.

You can be addicted to ANYTHING, and its a a scary fucking thought. Some of us don’t even know it. I am trying to regain my life back everyday, and be stronger. I want my relationship with God stronger. I want to FINALLY live my life for me.

Randomly Ranting.

Getting pumped for the gym. Not so much deadlifts, because they hurt so bad (now that I’m finally going heavier!!!).. haha but Ill manage.

L I F T B I G !

12pm Hit legs HARD. Started with deadlift 12 12 10 8 6/ 50lbs 60lbs 70lbs 90lbs + bar

Resting was 10 bw squats in place.

35lb dumbbells 100 lunges

Lying down ham curl maxed OUT AT 50lbs lmao.

Then went and did 5 minutes of planks.

I was SHAKING after. Not to mention some girl at the front desk (who is always super pissed at me because I forget my key tag E V E R Y time.) well I didn’t have it again today 😦 but she asked me if I wanted to go to Sound Bar tonight lol.. why is it that everyone wants to go downtown tonight? Literally had 5 people ask me too?????

Was suppose to go see Nikki at World of Wheels but I didn’t wanna rush anything today so whatever.

115pm Chicken breast 1/2c rice and some 2% cheese.

(my cheat on the weekends are I am allowed to use cheese, condiments, and eat “more” carbs. Some people eat more PB, some actually go out and have a huge calorie/fat meal. Which is OK! it throws off your metabolism and makes it work harder). I choose not to do this anymore, or this time around because I can’t control my cheat meals. My cheat meal turns into a cheat day, so I will RESOLVE the issue, and continue to eat WHOLE foods through out this contest prep.

2pm I just finished a salt bath/bubble bath. I usually don’t take baths bc you just see yourself lying there all fat and shit. So I just take showers mostly. But to be honest, I am not THAT bad. I am white as fuck (tan skin always makes u look better), but def in good shape for being 10 weeks out 🙂 2 and 1/2 months. I could change lives in that amount of time. No reason I can’t do it myself :):):):):):):):)

In 4 days it will be 2 months since I quit smoking. WHATTTTT UPPPPP!!!! (stoked as fuck).

haha in about an hour or 2 I am going to start cooking. For todays MENU haha

Jamie Easons Turkey Meatballs
Black bean brownies
A pumpkinPizookie and
sweet potatoe fries. 🙂 YUM.

630pm Just ate the yummiest food ever.. okay so remember how my cheat meals consist of good eating? Well I wanted corn.. IVE BEEN HAVING WEIRD CRAVINGS FOR CORN! and so I got these single packs. So I heated one up, got some broccoli and my blackened chicken from Whole Foods and some lite sour cream and it was fucking delish. Like. really really good.

OH and I did have a weird craving for cookie and cream ice-cream and then I passed by Culvers and the flavor of the day is cookie dough craving.. are you fucking serious?

The one before that? Oreo

and before that? Chocolate covered strawberry

I am just assuming that since these are all of my fave, that the flavor of the day will be campfire smores. Ill be so fucking pissed.

Anywho, I’m staying in today. LIKE USUAL.. lol ill start going out later, but for now I enjoy my family/fitness lifestyle right now. It makes me happy. In the summer I will be better with the whole going out thing.

In a week or two my second class starts. Hmmmm SO Mon and Wed I have class. SO those are my two days off, (besides when I need to do my cardio in the am on an empty stomach) so that means I can miss any day because of OH IM TOO TIRED BLAHBLAHBLAH.\

Actually now that I graphed that out I may not need to have another day off. I just wouldn’t do cardio and still get a 45 min leg work in.. but its still possible. It just all depends on how my legs and butt come in.

And about the whole baking thing.. I don’t know about that. it is only 7pm, but I don’t know if Im going to fill up for it.. Maybe just the black bean brownies (because I am craving something chocolate no thanks to my lady friend), and save the rest for tomorrow, show Justina how to eat healthy lol.

so that means I should clean my room before I go to bed.

Church Tomorrow.. so church taxes workout – chill. haha ❤

So all I do is surf fitness related articles websites blogs, everything.. well I was looking over for a picture to put above and stumbled on lift big eat big (the sweatshirt I’ve posted before), and found it quite interesting. although I haven’t done their workouts, i wouldn’t mind trying.

The only reason I never did cross fit or any other designed program was bc when something was supersetted, I would literally have to either run across the gym to do so, or it was impossible because of the people, Id just get frustrated (yes my excuse) but Id gonna spend some more time on this site. Im always telling eric (who told me about it years ago) that I wanna do cross fit ( I would love to do the cross fit games actually) but I never do. Ugh.. maybe thats a goal for me, like add it to my bucket list. lol.

25 Tell-Tale Signs That You Lift Big & Eat Big

This post is dedicated to all the members of the Lift Big Eat Big club.
1.Your waist may be the same size it was in high school, but you still wear 2 pant sizes bigger so your ass will fit.
2. People never ask when you will be finished with the squat rack because they don’t want to be on the receiving end of your cobra death glare.
3. Going back for seconds is not a privilege, it’s a duty.
4.Over 75% of your Facebook friends are either shirtless or have weights in their hands. The other 25% are just family members.
5. You know squat.
6. The meal is not over when you are full, the meal is over when you hate yourself.
7. A fridge full of milk and meat should last you until the end of the week.
8. Your eye twitches every time you see a set of half-squats.
9. You spend each night refreshing your gym’s homepage, waiting to see tomorrow’s workout.
10. You keep an extra stick of deodorant on hand in case of a surprise outbreak of the meat sweats.
How I look heading into the 6AM class.
11. If you had a nickel for every time you explain that firming and toning is BS, you could retire.
12.You can walk into large groups of people on the sidewalk and they will always get out of your way.
13. No, it’s not like Zumba or P90X.
14. After a day of heavy 5×5, walking down stairs is the hardest task imaginable.
15. You enjoy blacking out as runners tell you about how great their endorphin high was.
16. You don’t need to go to go to the doctor, because squats and fish oil can cure every ailment.
17. You spend more time at work reading training logs than actually working.
18. You are happy when your butt looks big in those jeans.
19. The recession doesn’t worry you nearly as much as when your new shirt is coming in the mail.
20. Being called “skinny” is offensive.
21. Have some pain? There is a MOBWOD for that.
22. Yes fat is good for you, and you make sure that everyone knows it.
23. Males shy away from the squat rack when you warm up with their max.
24. Every shirt you own has a gym logo or workout reference on it.
25. You base others self worth on their TOTAL score.

I’ve been called a meat head before, and I took it as a compliment until I realized it means idiot. L M F A O.
Funny part is< i don’t think he knew what it meant either, and maybe he did but he wasn’t the type too make fun of me.. but I suppose its true now. hahahahha ohhhhh man. . But this is dope. Im just glad that people are into lifting as much as I am. I really would love to go pro. I think that should be on my bucket list too. I don’t see why I wouldn’t lol. The more the do it, the more my name will get out there and Im sure I wouldn’t step on stage if I looked like shit. Regardless its a GREAT time. I always get so nervous, but this is truly something I thought Id never be able to do. :):)

Makes me happy, knowing that I achieved something I never thought I would. and here I go again right? lol I really want a sexy suit though. I still haven’t really decided. I don’t want jennifers white one because I will ruin it with the tan, and the coral one won’t be ready. (btw never said anything but she asked to follow me on instagram haha!), so now I will keep searching till I see one that catches my eye. It will DEF have chains on the sides though.. OK ok pointless blogging..

I am going to see if this posts tomorrow at midnight, 12:01 actually, because thats what it is set for. But apparently it already posted…. bc WP was being all weird, but well see if that works.

AND BECAUSE of the OLYMPIA, that I didn’t go too :(:( But here is a beautiful 40 year old PRO! She is beautiful.

Cheryl Brown

Goodnight ❤

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6am woke up (boots jacket and all) sitting up right on the couch, in my clothes that I am still wearing.  (3 hours sleep MAX)

645am sitting in drivers seat head on steering wheel eyes close. Kami is freaking out, her wallet is lost.

7am finally decided she was s.o.l and we were off on our way.

7:01am “chicago hit” someone backing out.. nbd, on our way.

7:10am kami needs water, McDonald’s it is. Officially on the road after the small pit stop.

7-10am driving. yelling. swearing. heat on. heat off. window up. window down. some more swearing. speeding. yelling.

The drive wasn’t so bad but we were probably still drunk, kami is freaking out about her wallet and the fact that I DRUNK BUTT DIALED HER DAD! lol but she was literally on the phone with PNC or VISA for the ENTIRE car ride and actually kept her composure which I would of LOST it. These guys were idiots. Anyways..  I got to work an hour late. Head was spinning and stomach was growling and all while sitting in traffic im trying NOT to puke.

so its 12:28pm I haven’t had anything to eat. I’m drinking tea. I’m off today (gym wise) because I have class. I HAVE A 3 HOUR CLASS AFTER ALL THIS?!?!? omg.


  • $120 speeding ticket.
  • a $15 jack and diet coke.
  • Cal didn’t sing his good songs (but I just found out that he did.. and kami and I were singing along just drunk).
  • Police showed up at house.
  • Kami broke her $700 glasses.
  • Bed @ 3am up @ 6am. Drunk.
  • Woke up fully dressed upright on a couch.
  • Kami lost her wallet.
  • I backed into a car.
  • Drove for 3 hours, only an hour late for work.


So nothing really excited happened between Lunch and 5pm.. But I did make a trip to Whole Foods.. to FINALLY EAT SOMETHING.. um and what the F U C K. I spent $125. Yeah.. and all I wanted was my blackened chicken breasts…

Whole Foods purchase.

Starting from Top Row (left to right) Follow here:

  • Coconut Oil (I’ve been meaning to get this.. and finally I just did).
  • Whey protein powder (I needed vanilla for baking. I dk how it’ll turn out but it wasn’t cheap).
  • Kale chips ($5 lol. They aren’t bad).
  • Superblend (maca, hemp and cacao. Individually they were $23ish per package, so I win. It has all 3 lol).
  • Cacao Bliss (have tried the coconut butter, wanted to test this one).
  • LARA BARS (OMG IM IN LOVE. Coconut CREAM pie, chocolate coconut chew, and apple bar. My love has grown mostly because of Kami. Though she hates them, I actually enjoy them. However I only tried the chocolate chip cookie dough mmmmmm Straight up in love).
  • Alive! (Has a SHIT ton of veggies and nutrients inside, just a simple powder I’m going to add to my green smoothies ).

So I’m actually pretty happy with my purchase. I also got lunch and my chicken breasts just not pictured.

6pm Psych class. Got into an argument with a chick that has a thicker accent that makes everything hard to understand. Someone brought up Whitney Houston and she followed with some smart ass remark and end up saying “..nothing but a piece of shit.” I originally bit my tongue and I saw this nice guy on my left do the same. Well she happened to say it again and I chipped in right away. I pretty much was like how dare you fucking talk about someone like that.. I mean she died.. she was someones family blahblahblah and she’s like “see, why are you coming at me like this?” and “be nicer, respectful.” HOLY HELL. As soon as she even mentioned the word respect, I flipped. I just stopped talking and was just taken aback but the whole thing. She actually ended up caving 25 min into class… I wonder if shell be there next week.. But I had 1/2 of a lara bar before class.

7pm I had a chicken breast.. Sitting in class…… eating a chicken breast with my hands.

You like that shit?

OH and apparently middle children are the best lovers/companions (wife, husband ext). And the most mentally stable. SUCK ON IT BITCHES!. lol just kidding.. Hmmmmm I forget what I’m doing in the gym tomorrow.. legs???? arms??????

Yup 11:27pm and I had the other 1/2 of the Lara Bar.. I’m hooked. Made with dates cashews and whatever else they throw in there but thats it.. and I found another blog I’m super excited about. Will make something else so I can post a recipe, but I was off today at the gym (which is obv why lol)

* I am doing VERY well on my no longer eating sugar kick (thanks for asking).

* Will weigh, and progress pictures this week.

* Oh and I just sneezed and I forgot to mention that my abs/ ribs hurt from doing planks yesterday am. SCORE!

Goodnight ❤

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