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It’s been a while, nothing new apparently..

Justine and I started tracking our macros and its been quite overwhelming… I have been planning each and every meal and its been quite the tedious work over here..  BUT!!!!! I am SUPER excited. If I’ve mentioned the road to ripped before, forget all that mumbojumob… this is where it’s at! I have never felt so prepared and excited over contest prep before… I think it’s because I like how I look (and can PICK HEAVY ASS SHIT UP!) however, “I’m about to tear it up now…” (Rob Bailey you da best) and become the leanest I have ever been. I will not fail myself this time. I will not disappoint, more importantly, I. Will. Not. Give. Up.

Some of my meal prepping..

Some of my meal prepping.. * After posting, I realize most of these meals were on my low carb days. Keep that in mind. I have many carbs later in the week.

My lunch box.. haha.. some gucaomole chicken, eggs.. ew..

My lunch box.. haha.. some gucaomole chicken, eggs.. ew..

Once I switched bacon for my egg and I never looked back.. ;)

Once I switched bacon for my egg and I never looked back.. 😉

This is my meal plan. DO NOT follow unless you are a 147lb 5'6 @22% BF, female looking to get down to 14% body fat.. It wont work! Nor is this anything to play around with.. This macro thing is overwhelming at times. ASK FOR HELP!

This is my meal plan. DO NOT follow unless you are a 147lb 5’6 @22% BF, female looking to get down to 14% body fat.. It wont work! Nor is this anything to play around with.. This macro thing is overwhelming at times. ASK FOR HELP!

It seems that ever since I started training at LA, I have met and become good friends with some really good people (met more weirdos though…). We have become each others support systems when it seems like “outsiders” wouldn’t.. We become not only our own motivation, but each others as well.. and I can’t fathom it any other way..

Relationships have taken their tolls, short days have turned into long ones, work outs have become a get a way and our body seen as a temple. The more we work and work together, the more we are accomplishing each and every day. Though for some, it doesn’t seem that way but that’s all part of trusting the process… that one day.. through committment, consistency and dedication, that one day we too will be masters of our domain. That we will not be stopped. That whatever we may do, come in contact with , or face will be nothing short of a mental victory for us. We are battling each and every day and we will continue to battle each and every day. Some days it’s against the world, others it’s against ourselves, which ever may be the case it won’t matter, because at the end of it all, we will be victorious.

I have really good vibes about 2014. Not only is 14 my favorite number, but I am ready to take my life by the horns and finally do something with it. Instead, I’ve just kinda sat here.. and wished.. sometimes even prayed for something to give.. my life to be easier.. idk fuck… just something! But today, I sit here.. okay like half ass sitting, writing this.. realizing that I need to create my worth! (thanks again FNF ;P ), that sitting here hoping for something is just as relevant as standing in the rain hoping to stay dry.. I mean… you could.. if you had an umbrella.. or something to stand under.. so… I want hard work and persistence (maybe even a little confidence but that is still currently being worked on) to be my “umbrella”! Alright, that may be a weird ass metaphor but the point I am trying to make is that, dreaming about something isn’t good enough, you need to do everything in your power to make that dream come true. Stop wishing, start doing.

Recent progress. I ate a lot of oreos so.... I am happy. lol. This was also the start of prep.

Recent progress. I ate a lot of oreos so…. I am happy. lol. This was also the start of prep.

I do feel kinda tiny in this pic.. BUT I am THEEEE strongest I have ever been!

I do feel kinda tiny in this pic.. BUT I am THEEEE strongest I have ever been!

Weekend update:

What day is today.. ? I have been messing up all my days lately. Saturday.. High carb day.. how could I forget with my meal being in an hour or so… oatmeal with an apple.. mmm and cinnamon.. mm and flaxseed.. because I need the fiber.. lol. So far, this first week was good. The counting weighing and all that mumbo jumbo is a little overwhelming but you get the hang of it.. I mean.. hopefully.. lol.



I have yet to take off or have a rest day and I want one. I know I will feel lonely and bored the whole day, but my body aches, and I have put it through some tough shit this week. I was able to rep out 40’s on a shoulder press being my last set. Chest on Friday I nearly died but I benched 115 after 4 or 5 working sets.. MEANING I AM ABLE TO THROW 45’S ON EACH SIDE FOR REPPPPPSSSSS!!!!! That was a goal of mine and I am so stoked..

My goals for 2014 are:
To complete pistol squats (Full ROM- BOTH LEGS!!!!).
20 Pull ups in a row.
10 Wide Grip Pull Ups in a row.
Deadlift over 250+
Inquire about power lifting/ bikini competitions

I think that’s it for now. I mean the list was sporadic so I may go back and edit them in.

So, today. Get to work at 930am after deciding to ditch spin class. After my first client, I trained with Todd for about 45 minutes. Throwing boxing into the mix has been a nice spice to the routine… After that I trained shoulders with Eric and he put me through a CRAZY ass shoulder work out. I was just about to get started working out when he came up and struck up a conversation.. Long story short I asked him what he was training, he said shoulders and I was like HELL YEA! It is always nice to train with someone else. The different switch in the routine is so enticing… He is actually the  guy I replaced here at AL lol.. Hes a cool guy. I originally didn’t find him very pleasing (nor did I know who he was at the time) because I saw him leg press a shit ton.. and I mean a shit ton of 45’s and walk away from the entire thing.. I mean leave like 2 or 3 on each side (you know.. to motivate people LOL)… but come on…… that’s how I figure I hurt my wrist. Unloading so many damn 45’s from yall bodybuildAH’s.

Kidding.. of course.

Anyways after that I had one more client. After stuffing all my needed meals in at their desired times.. Harpreet Rosa and Cylia met up at AL with Justine and I and we all went to Fit Nation and signed up for the 7 day guest pass. This place is nice.. I think I may do a photo dump post so I will save some of the pictures for then.. That and because I am super lazy and uploading pictures on this damn thing is always so damn difficult. Anyways.. I worked out a little, trying out the Jacobs Ladder. Hit a little chest/back.. then headed home to eat meal #3 lol.. I am just excited about carbs.. I mean let me.. tomorrow and the following 5 days all I really get is fat (yes, protein but I’m sick of protein.. all of IIITTT!!!!!! <— and to think its only been a week of this!!! lol).

I’m about to relax and anticipate my cinnamon apple oatmeal I am about to demolish in a second.. Tomorrow might be a late night work out with the crew.. although I want to rest..We may end up opening up the gym tomorrow night and running shit. Gym all to ourselves… music blasting.. mmmmmm

Zombie mentality, work past dead.

The ever so beautiful, Dana L. Bailey!

The ever so beautiful, Dana L. Bailey!


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Oh, a day in a life of a Personal Trainer!

So I figured out a new way to make my blog semi more interesting. Living the life of a personal trainer could get hectic to say the least and I think writing about what I go through day-to-day could be beneficial to some knowing how busy I am through the day, yet how I make time to eat and get my work outs in. Yes, working at a gym makes it a tad bit easier but trust me, excuses over power the convenience of working in a gym.

I sleep in my car. I eat in my car. I get IT (what it is) done because it HAS to be done if I want the results I so badly desire.

So here we go.

Today is Wednesday. A day where I wake up at 4am. Yay. However, I knew that it would be a crazy day so I prepared my food last night. That gave me an extra 15 minutes in bed, and trust me I enjoyed every last second.

photo 1

4:15am Wake up
4:30am In car driving, eating a Quest Bar (170c 24g carb 17g fiber 20g protein mmmmm).
5-7am Worked with a few clients
I had a cancellation from 6-630am so I took a power nap in the yoga room
7-930am I slept in my car. Sweating. It was over 80* out and I woke up to drool falling from my mouth. 1 banana was ate (105c 27g carb 1g protein).
930-1030am More clients. Met a new one. Always interesting.

Was going to work out around 11am. Thinking I needed a rest day because my entire body hurts but figured why not. However, I felt sick. I had no idea what was going on so I went home. (These posts will become more interesting once I start posting my actual work outs and progress pictures).

1130am Arrived home and ate a ‘flat-out’ wrap (90 calories 16g carb 9g fiber 9g protein) with chicken (276c 0g carb 52g protein), and greek yogurt (100c 7g carb 18g protein).

photo 2
12pm Took Marley to the forest preserve but by the time she got out of the car she was already panting and not having it. So, I did a few body weight tricep dips/squats/push ups and sprints then we headed back.

photo 3

Stopped at McDonald’s and got Marley a hamburger then finished my greek yogurt and rest of the chicken. Took another 15 min and did some jumping jacks/burpees and more squats.
Burned a total of 288 calories.

1:30-245pm Just chilled with Marley. Ate a piece of pita bread (210c 43g carb 3g fiber 8g protein) with 1 TBS all natural PB (100c 6g carb 1g fiber 4g protein).

My cuddle buddy..

My cuddle buddy..

3:30-6pm More clients. Really love them all. Between my 5:30 and 6:00 client I ate another yogurt.
6:30pm Did 10 minutes on the stairmaster and another 15 minutes on the treadmill with a client.
Burned 137 calories (yippie).

left for home. Stopped for gas, ate 20 almonds (139c 5g carb 5g protein), and picked up a cup of chili at my favorite restaurant (360c 16g carb 20g protein).
8pm Here we are 🙂

Going to have one more meal (but by the looks of my totals, I should have more than 1 meal lol). Most likely egg whites a little cottage cheese and broccoli. Going to chill out for the rest of night. I’ve been getting super overwhelmed lately so sleep has been my best friend. Tomorrow I get to sleep in a bit. Nothing like turning off your 3:45am alarms..

Total Macros for the day:
1,695 calories 86g carbs 125g protein.

Total Calories burned for the day:
425 calories (Weak sauce. Fail).

Definitely not what I should be eating. I am about 600 calories 100c carbs and 60g protein short for the day. I am going to continue to eat how I have been eating and starting Monday I will prepare the needed macros for the day. I will see how things go. Personally I think 2200 calories is too much but I am going to listen to what I am told and just do it. Most days I burn over 1000 calories via work outs so it’s possible that 2200 calories is needed but I am so impatient I just want to start getting lean! Patience Marissa, patience.

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Friday night and I am updating my blog. Exciting much?!

Feeling like crap today. Had a couple of good work outs the last few days after having 4 days off. I did an upper body work out on thursday (last week) and on saturday morning I felt completely paralyzed. Even the blanket that I was sleeping with felt like concrete. I had to go into work for a few hours and even that wasn’t a good idea. I tried to show a client how to do a shoulder press with a 20lb BB and I could barely lift it. It only got worse after that. I felt like I tore shit up. The only thing I can think of is when I did BW (body weight) pull ups. I am only use to doing assisted pull ups so I figured that I ACTUALLY used my back muscles and they were NOT excited about it. THENNNNN I couldn’t even fully extend my right arm without shooting pain. H thought I pinched a nerve, but its probably my body telling me to back the fuck off for a bit. So I did. Then went back at it as soon as I felt better…. Story of my life. I feel good though outside of .. other issues.. girl issues. But they are hitting me hard. I did 30 minutes on the stair master which seem to subside the pain but as soon as I stepped off of it, pain was even worse. Luckily I only had a few more clients and got to go home and get medicine. Friday night will consist of red box and egg whites.

Why egg whites you may ask? Lmao.. Because I finally decided to track my macros (macronutrients: fats, protein, carbs) and holy shit no wonder I have been stuck at 150lbs. 8pm and I’ve already consumed 1500 calories 175g carbs 50g fat 80g protein. H and I discussed what I should be hitting and the totals were 1700 calories 180g carbs 60g fat 180g protein. So in other words.. I have 200 calories left and need about 5g carbs, 10g fat and 100g protein.. Yeah.. good luck with that. I really didn’t plan anything all I did was track what I would normally eat from day to day… Knowing that, it has truly opened my eyes considering I would probably have 1-2 more meals before I went to bed tonight.. That being said, I really need to start paying attention to what I am eating. I guess I never really cared because I wasn’t gaining weight but now I want to try to start leaning out. I am only doing about 2 sessions of 30 minutes of cardio so yes I could do more. I could also do a little more of high intensity lifting instead of counting calories/carbs ext but I don’t want to lose anything that I have worked for via cardio. I made that mistake my first bikini competition and will not do it again. That and cardio sucks. A lot. I mean.. come on.. unless you’re boxing or doing plyos or something, the treadmill/stair master and I definitely have a love hate relationship going on. I hate it, but love what cardio does for the body (well.. when you are smart about it). My polar heart rate (GOOGLE!! It is one of the best inventions ever) tracks my calories burned via my work outs and its about 4-5000 calories a week. Again, thats practically straight lifting.

So, what does 1500 calories look like? Well, today I had:

1/2 c grape nuts (straight addicted to them) 200cals

1/2 c milk 60cals
1/2 c watermelon 30cals
4 pieces of turkey bacon 100cals

photo 4

Protein shake:
6oz greek yogurt 100cals
1/2 c blueberries w/ water 84cals

Post Work Out:
1 WW pita bread 200cals
2 TBS peanut butter 210cals

6oz chicken/beef 230cals
1c brown rice 230cals

1/2 c cottage cheese 90cals

I also had some egg whites I didn’t account for. So.. clearly over 1500 calories. Unreal. I was probably having at least 2000 calories a day. Granted I probably burned more on those days (Only burned about 300 calories on the stair master today).. but still. That’s A LOT!

Oh man. I am def going to put more thought into what I am doing now that I am getting serious about my training. I am seeing results though and feel like I am getting stronger but that scale is NOT budging. I really could care less.. but its clearly because I am consuming a crap ton of food!

Post eating deep fried mac and cheese, funnel stix and a burger with cheese fries!

Post eating deep fried mac and cheese, funnel stix and a burger with cheese fries!

Nothing too special, but the definition I am seeing in my arms is 100% more than I have ever seen before..

Nothing too special, but the definition I am seeing in my arms is 100% more than I have ever seen before..

Here are a few progress pictures to end this blog because I am getting super tired and want to do a spin class tomorrow morning. If you haven’t tried one, I suggest you do some time. It is a GREAT work out (if you actually put effort into it) and really enhances your endurance quickly. I’ve burned over 1000 calories in a class.. meaning.. I CAN EAT! lol.. I’m jk.. don’t look at it like that, think of food as fuel. Speaking of which..  Had a younger girl today puke on me. Not literally.. just via my training session with her. Can you guess why? Because it was 2pm and the only thing she had was a banana. Yep.. a banana. Why on earth would you go without eating then try to train? As you may know, I’ve had my fair share of eating disorders but I don’t think I would work out that intensely. I would just starve. Yes, consuming a small amount of calories is bound to lose weight quickly but it is not healthy. You are at risk of losing muscle and not fat. So why do that when you can eat and look good? Did you read that right? YOU CAN EAT AND STILL LOOK GOOD!!!!! I just wish people listened. I didn’t have anyone telling me that what I was doing was wrong. I just saw the changes (not even good ones, just a change in the scale) and thought why stop now? Anyways, I may not know everything (CLEARLLLLLYYY I don’t) but I know and have common sense and starving.. is not worth it.

You can live a normal life without “dieting”, just eat healthy, and get moving. I can’t stress this enough.

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