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Getting stronger.. (in more ways than 1).

Got some bad news yesterday but thankfully it didn’t ruin my mood (I’m getting good at this bad news shit.. see.. making progress).. Went about my day as I usually do… had a great lunch.. then was planning on working out right after work (habit), but the man brought up getting Red Mango after work. Weird. I have legit been wanting ice cream (Cold stone really, McDonald’s would do too haha but I’ll take R. Mango all day for a “cheat”), for a while now. Him and I usually stop somewhere for ice cream and I have just been craving it. We have been going thru our little thing so I never mentioned it. Ironically he did 🙂 We stopped for a bite, it was nice to just look at him. I have been missing him like crazy ever since this shit went down. Granted I am lucky enough to see him everyday but its not the same. I want hugs and kisses, even a quick smell of his shirt/neck area (I’m a freak) would suffice.

Lunch 🙂 Whole wheat pasta, chicken and some brown rice mix.

Strawberries C. Chips and some Graham Crackers 🙂

We spent some time talking, then headed back to the shop where my car was. He needed to go help a friend, I needed to get my second work out in. Like every other time, we couldn’t just up and leave each other. We spent another hour talking, kissing, holding each other. This is what I want. No bullshit, No drama, just him. I am in love and I don’t see why or how we have so many people rooting against us and trying to ruin what we have. I have always been one to shrug off other peoples remarks, but its CONSUMING us. All I know is y’all can keep trying but I will try even harder. He is the man of my dreams.

Sorry, I hate to keep gushing but I am proud of him and I love to show his gorgeous face off.

ugh… sorry again. lmao.

So we finally get into both of our cars,  all the while I am thinking I am not going to do my second cardio session. I came up with excuses like my gym was closing in the next few hours (I don’t live close), or that I had a Crossfit class the morning before so I needed rest. Oh man I swear if I don’t want to do something I find every reason not too.. but as I was leaving and thinking to myself.. I decided just to do it. He goes out and does side jobs while I what? Sleep? Nah.. fuck that.. if he can run on empty so can I.

Insert how awesome I think he is and how much of a motivation he is to me.

Got home roughly around 9:15, and headed straight to the gym. I did a solid 30 minute cycle, DRIPPING sweat. My legs have been taking quite a beating lately.. here was me, after the work out.. definitely getting more shapely. Fuck. Yes.

Got home and made my casein cake with Nut’s N More PB (again.. fucking amazing and ever so simple)

1 scoop casein (I used Dymatize Cookies and Cream)
3 egg whites

I blended these together and microwaved for 55 seconds.

I then added the chocolate pb and microwaved for another 25 seconds. I take it out and mix everything together and then max the fuck out.

My mom was around the corner and came into the kitchen and strangely asked what I was eating after she saw what was in my bowl.. I took a bite and made sure it was fabulous and told her she needed to try it. She said no but I make people do shit. lol. kidding.. but come on its my mom! She ate it.. and came back for seconds. No joke, haven’t tried any other flavor casein, but this together was awesome. Went upstairs after cleaning up a bit and passed out around midnight. Boy was still hard at work.. God Bless him..

Woke up around 3.. 4 and maybe 5 but didn’t get out of bed till 6.. Met up with a little lady for our first Crossfit session. It wasn’t bad at all, but it was the introductory session so its always a little easy. Not to forget I have been a personal trainer for a while so I know most of what he was saying, but none the less enjoyed it all. I really feel my shit getting back together. Working out is hard especially when you lack what gets you going, motivation. But as I have been saying before to a couple people, once you get started you’ll keep going. When the results start showing and you start feeling proud and accomplished you’ll wonder why you never started before.

I do want it to be known that miracles don’t happen over night. It took longer then 2 weeks to put on, it’ll take longer then 2 weeks to take it off. Don’t give up, and if you do remember every squat lunge and mile you can and just know you’ll be undoing it all. It gets me every time, especially when I am mid workout and I am in pain.. I remember that shit.

Any who.. did a little sprint action when I got done Crossfit.. wanted to burn some more calories I suppose.. Going about my day as usual but anticipating later tonight.. getting a little work out in then have a little movie date with the pretty boy…

Straight Cheesin’

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Post Competition: First Day Back!

Oh wow.

Probably should of rethought my first workout and possibly of done something else rather then legs lol. I have been stoked to get back in the gym and sometimes doing legs actually frustrates me. I don’t know what it is but whenever I go super heavy (which is all the time btw) I psych myself out. I really do need to find a spotter or someone to work out with that likes to go HAM! because I am kinda over the whole training people while I work out…. I want a KICK ASS workout 365! Hmmmmm I may possibly look into getting a personal trainer for myself, maybe once a week, just to rev things up.. kick my ass.. ext ext…. It gets expensive but having someone there and pushing you I feel is usually 75% better then being alone. That, and you get some extra knowledge! Personal training is something that requires a lot of information to be studied and I think it possibly will always be continuous. Meaning, since everyones body is different and we experience a lot of daily habits and we are now prone to numerous different types of dieases, that we will always need to continue our education in this field to stay up to par. Personal training isn’t just looking good and copying and pasting each work out for each individual client…. It is more then that (and quite frankly if your trainer doesn’t tailor your work outs, dump em.. no joke).

Ok I have no idea why I just rambled on about that.. which I think was actually about nothing. Cool.


The Food Log:

9am Green Smoothie that tasted like complete dick. I threw in a piece of pineapple and 1/4 of a banana (banana masks ANY taste), and a scoop of strawberry banana whey (didn’t have vanilla), and it still tasted like ass. I think I put too much “green superfood” in……….. but it was disgusting.

12pm 6oz Steak w/ 2oz Whole Wheat pasta with a slice of watermelon and 2/3 grapefruit 🙂

3pm Greek Yogurt

730pm Chicken and Veggies

9-2am– 4 cheese stix and 4 drinks. lol. fuck.

The Work Out:

Hack Squat 3x 90lbs
2x 110lbs

Calf Raises supersetted with Wall Sits

3x 50lbs w/ 30 sec wall sit

Front Squat

3x 10x 50

Planks- Completely half assed them.

Leg Ext

1 x 10 x 80lbs
1 x 10 x 95lbs
2 x 8-10 x 110lbs

Yeah I could NOT walk…. I can only imagine what I looked like.. lol. Today I am just hanging around. Life is started to get back to normal and I am super excited for my adventures in the gym in the next couple of months. I have a feeling I will be in the best shape of my life 🙂 Will start carb cycling after my birthday and actually pretty excited about that too haha! Everything else is kind of whatever. I am trying to get organized and all that shit, however my sister came home from college for a month and completely destroyed my room. I don’t have a place to put my shoes in my closet and for some reason finding a lot of clothes I never wore in the hamper… hmm.. Other then that, just taking life one day at a time. I put on some weight which I am learning to accept each day, but I know in the back of my head that in about a month I will be right back to where I was, and on a better road to being ripped. I will get there. Mark my word.

On to progress pics.. Should I do an entire blog, soley on the pictures or….. hmmmm.. lets see how much room it takes.. I’ll begin to upload the pics… lol… gotta love my procrastinating ass!

Okay I just posted all my progress pictures. You wanna see what I ate for this entire week????? Watch this shit..

Chocolate Dipped Cookie Dough

Buffalo Wild Wings

Driving to meet up for ice-cream.

Patiently waiting…….


Oreo filling flavored icecream, with oreos and PB cups ❤

Craving subway? Had 3 cookies too btw.. eat fresh bitches!

Shots @ Tommy’s for a going away party..

Taco Burrito King!!!!

Me all gay like.

Red Mango- Frozen Yogurt with oreo, brownie, and strawberries!

ONE MORE WOD! Check em out! Thanks for the shizzzz ❤

…coldstone……again.. lol same thing but with 2 oreos, a pb cup and a brownie lol.

&& this is what I look like because of this week long food-cation:

Sorry it was a screenshot via Instagram


So. As you can see I put on a little big of weight. For the next 4 weeks I will be having one or two cheat meals a week and continue to lift as heavy as I can. It will take me a solid 3 weeks to get back to how I was and I am perfectly ok with that! I have had SO much fun this last week, that the extra weight really doesn’t bother me. However I do continusouly feel like shit when I eat shit (coincidence? I think not). I am so ready for this.

oh btw..

maristheshit @ instagram 😉

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