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No april fools here.

Now I feel super busy so I can’t take this blog to where I want it to go just yet. That makes me sad and a little unaccomplished. However, work is super crazy and striving for an A or B in my health and wellness class has really started taking its toll. I feel good about it all though. Keeping me busy, keeping me sane. I hope right? I mean.. usually added stress is well just that, stress. Me? stress? always.. but at least its keeping my mind busy.

I had written a shit ton of good shit yesterday, but go figure, it didn’t save (I am thankful that my 3 hours worth of homework done yesterday did though.. fuck the blog post! lol.. I kid..) I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing but I kept it (or tried too), so that means something.. lol.. oh you know me and the right click select all delete.

Now I feel like I have nothing to say.. I did start off today with a mother fucking bang though. Ate on point (except missed eating all my carbs. I am trying to carb cycle but didn’t measure my mornings fruit serving so it threw it off), worked out and had a good work out finally. Literally a work out where I felt like screaming out “i fucking love working out!” It just felt that good. I am so close to achieving the look I want, that I think it was hurting my progress for a while. I want to be at a point where I am just maintaining. It is still a lot of work but better to work to keep it then work to get it. I don’t know.. one day at a time. Seriously its all I have at the moment and I’ve come to realize that.

Work is forever changing and I have noticed that I do not have an job security unless I sell. That’s it, sell or no job. Kind of nerve racking don’t you think? Yeah, tell me about it..and with all new bosses in today,I slam dunk the fuck out of it and got me some numbers on the board, first day of the pay period. I still have a lot of work to do, especially with this being my first sales job but it was all legit and exactly how I want people to view my business. I am going to make an impact there, just watch.

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