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I seriously hate writing titles.

Just like I have been telling clients and future clients, if you want something bad enough you need to make an effort. This sentence is so vague yet carries such a meaning. There I am simply talking about training, getting active, giving a shit about your body. Here, I am talking about writing. I just need to make the time to sit down and express my thoughts (because we all know I am fucking full of them).

That being said, I just got back from 30 minutes on the stair master, sipping on a protein shake and listening to Marley sleep. I don’t have to be back for a couple hours, thanks to a shift spilt M-W. I actually love it. I have a break in between my day to rest, work out, get shit done. Off Thursday, work half day friday then the rest of the weekend. The weekend is pretty chill though, took some time getting use to having been off weekends for 2 years, but after yesterday, I don’t mind working them at all.

So I’ve been super nervous. Never having one sales position, working full time since I was 15, kind of tackled my confidence from the start. Lucky for me I love fitness and I will believe in it till the day I die, so talking to these people just comes naturally at times*. Lol.. Yes at times. Listen, I have been “training” for 2 weeks now. Diagrams, after presentation, after completely boil room esque meetings with the directors (not to mention, THE ONLY FEMALE), over and over and feel pressured to know the basic workout even, felt insincere. But the more and more I just talk to these people, like truly talk to them, it makes everything okay. I just want these people to feel comfortable. I know that 50% of you know that it’s a sales job, but no one can make you do something you don’t want to do. I mean take working out for example. It’s the reason you’re in the gym in the first place, and most likely you are a new member, so who stopped you from achieving your goals in the first place? Why are you here?

I want people to stop hating their bodies. Yes, I sound like a complete fool calling the kettle black and shit but I know what it takes to get there. I am working on them and thats all that I can ask anyone from themselves.

Then again.. Maybe you shouldn’t be taking advice from someone who thinks getting healthy is only an added bonus. I am so caught up on the physical part of working out that being healthy isn’t as important. I feel like if I didn’t give a crap about my body image I’d eat everything in sight. Food is just fucking good.

Anyway if I don’t shut up now I am just going to bury myself and will end up deleting the whole fucking thing and wont redo it, and that would completely miss the entire point of this blog.. you know, about making time.

So with my spilt shit, I am going to do “two-a-days”. Lol aka meaning working out twice in a day. I figure if my happy ass could get to the gym an hour early, to knock out cardio then. However that is probably not going to happen, so last resort is doing cardio or weight and cardio beginning of the spilt shift and end the day with another set of cardio. Either way, I work at a freaking gym. If I can’t stay on the right path, it’s only ignorance.¬†THATTTTTT being said, I haven’t worked out for three days. I ate like you wouldn’t believe on saturday then chilled the fuck out on sunday but still didn’t lift. I’m still feeling pretty good though. Cardio was a little rough today, my legs felt like tree trunks. They kind of look like them too… okay possibly kidding but hence the cardio so, maybe not…


Possibly going to Wisconsin wednesday night, with the boyfriend. He has off thursday friday, I kind of do too but I work a few hours friday night. So I am going to ask if I can work all day Wednesday to make up for it. Shouldn’t be a problem I just have to stay active about getting appointments and making phone calls. Another meeting at NS on wednesday, hoping they don’t make this a weekly occurrence. Yeah they pay for your gas but the miles on my carrrrrr. I am in dire need of new tires and have to wait a week or two. I just need a new car ¬†in general.

Other than that shit is igght. Boyfriend and I are good. I am choosing not to worry anymore. I have really come to the¬†conclusion¬†that everything is meant to happen just the way is has, and will continue to do so. I am no longer afraid of knowing that I simply don’t know.

Simply having faith, M.


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Thursday 11/83 (1/17)

Haven’t updated much because well.. there isn’t much to tell. I have been consistent with my work outs and haven’t skipped one yet. I actually haven’t had a rest day (I know, BAD GIRL!) but it’s because I will be in Wisconsin Saturday and Sunday with no gym time, so that will be rest enough. I actually can’t believe how well I¬† have been doing, considering I am always tired. Like I mentioned before I think its because I can actually see my progress coming along!

Finally broke my schedule up, instead of doing full body-

Monday: Quads
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Back
Thursday (Today): Hamstrings/Calves.

I have also been consistent with my cardio. Only 30 minutes till the end of the month. After that, I will up it by 15 minutes. Switching off between the stair master and treadmill (on an incline).

Eating has also been terrific. Haven’t been snacking like last week which is also great. But my meals aren’t getting any special so not much to discuss there..

Will update after my boys and I fishing trip, come monday. Have a good weekend!

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